How the hell do you learn about all this stuff

  knobler 22:57 01 Oct 2004

How do you learn about registry, malware and all the other hundreds of other topics that crop up on the helproom.

I love computers, but just don't know where to begin (apart from the helproom!!!)

  kev.Ifty 23:17 01 Oct 2004

"I love computers, but just don't know where to begin (apart from the helproom!!!)"

Good question!!

As someone who does not work with PC's as a profession(although my job does involve computer controlled equipment in some cases). Any knowledge i have has been gleaned from "messing about with my home PC or, as you say, from reading this forum.

I think the best way to improve one's self is to pick a task say... down load a video file and then record it to DVD. If you are successful remember the process and when the question pops up you can share your experience.

AS for some of these Guys, i don't think us mere mortals will ever catch up with they're encyclopedic knowledge... ;-)

Cheers Kev.

  Pidder 23:20 01 Oct 2004

Probably best to keep your fingers out of the Registry.

  VoG II 23:20 01 Oct 2004

If you just "lurk" and follow the threads you will learn an awful lot - I know that I have.

Malware - in the sense of browser hijacks and so on, these are a little different. Simple ones can be solved by running Ad-aware and CWShredder and so on. Others are more complicated because the files morph (change names) so they are difficult to pinpoint. In such cases we (me included) need help. The best people to deal with this are the members of ASAP and we are lucky to have Nellie2 as a member on here to sort us out.

  Starfox 23:22 01 Oct 2004

Been using computers since 1984 when at the ripe old age of 38 I got my Commodore 64 to poke around with and play games on,and in the 20 years since then computers have advanced beyond belief.Afraid I didn't advance as quickly as I'm still poking around albeit with a modern high spec pc.

I did get a lot better at games but afraid a lot of the pc jargon is way beyond my simple brain so in answer to your question I think you need to start at a very early age to learn all this stuff or just plod on like I do and if it aint broke then leave it alone.

  Nellie2 23:35 01 Oct 2004

It all started with a CD drive that wouldn't work....and I didn't know what to do. So I thought I would have a look on the internet and see if I could find a manual or something.... and I discovered help forums and the wealth of knowledge and willing people to help me.

Then I sort of became hooked!

  Forum Editor 00:01 02 Oct 2004

a good way to learn is just to follow the threads and gradually you'll find that you're picking it up. Computing is such a vast subject, and some aspects of it are so complex that nobody is ever going to know it all, or even know all there is to know about one area of it. Some people find it easier than others. I clearly remember when I first got involved with computing, many years ago now. I was working with a huge IBM mainframe, and we were programming it to run a payroll (in those days the only software was what you wrote yourself). I was making heavy weather of it, and I thought I would never understand how the machine did what it did. My boss at the time told me the secret - he said you have to forget all your preconceptions and understand two things about computers:

1. They have no intelligence whatsoever - GIBO (garbage in, garbage out).

2. With digital data anything is possible - think laterally.

He was right, many people are frightened of com puters - they think that if they do something wrong the computer will be wrecked, there'll be no way back. There's always a way back of course, but it takes a bit of experience before you learn to work out the route.

Almost anyone can learn, and the great thing about a computer is that it's possible to have an enormous amount of fun without knowing too much about what goes on inside. If the going gets tough we usually have someone here who knows the answer, and if you spend enough time here you'll find that eventually you start knowing the answers yourself.

  watchful 07:59 02 Oct 2004

I've been lurking on here for almost 3 years and am still learning. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

  jack 08:29 02 Oct 2004

Yes its all true
But the best way to learn about anything is to lurk
Dont swot, dont fret over some intangable aspect
just let it swim in and out, and you will find your are speaking the lingo just like a native.

  Forum Editor 08:49 02 Oct 2004

Beautifully put.

  david.h 11:46 02 Oct 2004

if you pick out questions in the forum that relate to programs and hardware that you have installed you gain more knowledge of these products.

also look at computer mags that contain useful topics. I use the mag section of the supermarket while the wife potters round the food aisle's.cheeky but i learn a lot from it and the time goes quick.

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