how good are you at parking?

  p;3 16:43 04 Mar 2007

try this for practice...

click here

can get addictive; insurance rates may rocket after this ::))

  Graham. 17:01 04 Mar 2007

Terrible. I caught the wing of my new 07 car on the garage door on Thursday, I hadn't even driven it on the road. Going to cost £80.

  The Brigadier 17:15 04 Mar 2007

Used to be good, well you have to be driving various HGV1&2 vehicles!
Still OK & get used to driving a lot when driving Tractors with Trailers, Unimog & various 4x4's on the farm.

We used to insist when taking someone new on at the farm that part of the interview included hitching up a small trailer & reversing it.

  jack 17:17 04 Mar 2007

My parking place behind my home is such that to reverse out I have hook the car right to negotiate a 'dogleg' bend in the drive, without clouting the fence.
I have only to get it a fraction of an inch wrong in parking for the extraction to be a nightmare.
In days gone by when cars has stout chrome girders front and rear or subsequently with nice black/dark grey bumpers it mattered not a jot- whack the fence with impunity.
To days cars are painted both ends and I marked mine on day one and occasionally do so again.
That offside wing is now a mess of scratches on over sprayed scratches and filler.
When I took my daughter to collect her new car the dealer offered to do the work for 'Only £200'
I declined- of course.

  jack 17:25 04 Mar 2007

But I think the game is excellent.
It took me one go to get hang of the idea
and 45secs to do next time.

I have now sent it on to a mate who is a driving instructor.

  laurie53 17:27 04 Mar 2007

Rubbish; I'm the original Reginald Molehusband (rememeber him?)

If I can't find somewhere next to the kerb, on the nearside, at least two hundred yards long I go home!


  realist 17:53 04 Mar 2007

I have the car exactly as shown in the game but I'm still rubbish at parking...

  WhiteTruckMan 17:54 04 Mar 2007

Dont try that trick with a car with a towbar on it or you and your insurance company might be in for an unpleasant surprise....


  Al94 18:50 04 Mar 2007

I'm good but as I'm male thats natural.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:02 04 Mar 2007

is the Mk 1 eyeball of someone else who is in a better position to see than you are. But you have to trust them over your own judgement (not easy) and they have to be willing to accept responsibility for guiding you.

A long time ago I used to be dating a girl whose street was at an angle to the main road. When i picked her up and was trying to pull out I would ask her to look left for me to see if it was clear. "yes" she would sometimes reply, "as long as you hurry up!"

The relationship didnt go much further!


  Noldi 19:36 04 Mar 2007

Wacked a concrete pillar with a company 3 series estate car. Didnt wait for the onboard computer to activate the reversing censors it was to busy checking the screen wash bottle etc. I new there was a post there somwhere.


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