How good are you at giving?

  peter99co 17:22 10 Dec 2010


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I can't give blood but very thankful for those who did when I needed it.

Snow and freezing weather halts many blood donations. Can you help?

  Brumas 17:49 10 Dec 2010

I gave blood on the 22nd of November so I am ineligible to give another armful till the new Year otherwise I would.
It is the least I can do and I’m one off my silver badge (25 pints) so I’ll not quit until I am too old to hobble over to the venue or they no longer want a good pint of Yorkshire blood ;o}

  john bunyan 17:50 10 Dec 2010

I donated blood twice a year from age 17 to age 67 when pills etc stopped mr being eligible. Never know when you might need it!

  muddypaws 18:59 10 Dec 2010

Too old now, but did manage to squeeze out 50 pints in my time and also are of the rarer vintage.

  Armchair 19:11 10 Dec 2010

I'm so sickly, I wouldn't foist my blood onto anyone else, even in the unlikely event they accepted me as a donor.

  wolfie3000 20:02 10 Dec 2010

Used to give blood years back but due to the medication iv been on i cant now,

Do they still do the thing with the cards, the red, blue and so on?

  Bingalau 20:18 10 Dec 2010

There is an age limit on giving blood I think. But I have put my name on the donor register to let them have any little bit of me they like as long as I am dead. Just hope that then there is some bit of me suitable for something, even if it is only fish bait. Actually I suppose medical students can practice cutting me up in to little bits, they have to start somewhere!

  chub_tor 20:44 10 Dec 2010

When I was 25 I had a burst stomach ulcer and was given blood to aid my recovery and swore that I would give some back when I had the chance. The time eventually came and over the years I was able to return 25 pints, then I suffered another ulcer and had to have some given back. I started giving again as soon as I was allowed but within a couple of years I was banned from giving because there was a BSE scare going round and they feared I might be giving contaiminated blood. 10 years on and no sign of that, but now I am past the age limit to donate. I would encourage everyone who is eligible to do so, it is quick, painless and you get free tea and a biscuit afterwards!

  Simsy 20:47 10 Dec 2010

for those who haven't for fear of doing so, that it REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, NO REALLY, doesn't hurt!



  wolfie3000 20:59 10 Dec 2010

I second Simsys words.

It does not hurt at all, Also the staff are really pleasant and will make you feel at ease if its your first time.

When you arrive you fill in a small form, then they take a drop of blood and test it to see if your suitable then its on the bed for a nice relaxing rest and a chat with the nurse.

They take the blood then its off to grab a drink and a biscuit.

You even get a little sticker saying you gave blood, what more could you ask for.

  Brumas 21:22 10 Dec 2010

I don’t mind the actual taking of the blood, it’s that small puncturing of the skin, at the start when they check your form, to test the blood count? that I don’t like, stupid really!

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