How to get to talk on phone to a human at my bank

  Meshuga 15:20 28 Dec 2007

Does anyone know how I can get to talk on the phone to a Human being at my bank (HSBC) in UK. I use telephone banking and my hearing is not good. Conversation is conducted by me (Human) talking to bank central office(Machine) and when electing to talk to an advisor (Bombay) I can`t understand a word he says.

  Forum Editor 15:31 28 Dec 2007

that you ask your bank. You could do what I just did in ten seconds, and find a list of contact numbers.

click here and click on the 'phone book' link.

  Meshuga 15:41 28 Dec 2007

FE, thank you. I will try that again but I have found in the past that it entails pushing a series of buttons on the phone and then finding its not the dept I want. Will continue to persevere. Thanks for your reply.

  oresome 15:48 28 Dec 2007

Telephone banking is probably not the best choice for you.

Internet banking allows you to do almost everything with money via a mouse and keyboard............I haven't spoken to a person at a bank for years apart from when paying cheques in.

(The bank did write to me saying they would like to talk to me, but couldn't due to the telephone preference service opt out..... Bliss!)

  PalaeoBill 15:59 28 Dec 2007

Try changing bank. The staff I talk to, at Lloyds, are predominantly scottish and very nice.

  Meshuga 16:21 28 Dec 2007

Thanks for your reply. I realise that telephone banking is not really suitable for me and I have been using internet banking for a long time.
However, I needed to talk to someone by phone and invariably finished up talking to India.
I will be contacting my local branch on monday and will see what can be done. Many thanks.

  Meshuga 16:27 28 Dec 2007

Thanks for your reply. I don`t really want to change banks if I can help it, that would be a last resort. Too many direct debits and standing orders and other personal arrangements.
Will see my bank manager on monday and see what he can come up with.

  €dstowe 19:15 28 Dec 2007

I have the number of my local branch. All it needs is a bit of persuasion from you - like threatening to move elsewhere and they will normally give you the number. I even have the direct line number of my bank manager. Admittedly that one is an 0845 number (the one direct to the bank is the actual local number) but, it does go straight though to him and, if it isn't answered after five rings, then it gets transferred to India - I've usually put it down by then if that seems likely.

  recap 21:04 28 Dec 2007

Instead of selecting a number just wait for a while after the series of numbers and you should get through to a person. It may take about 30 seconds before someone will answer.

  Miros 23:18 28 Dec 2007

I like you also suffer the same hearing problems. I think under the The Disability Discrimination Act Such company's may be breaking the law as it covers, ACCESS to goods, facilities and services. If the likes of you, myself, and countless others are finding it difficult to hear or more importantly understand because of our hearing problem, then we must consider that we are being discriminated against.

Before anyone who doesn't have deteriorating hearing and therefore does not understand the problem, and comes in with get a hearing aid, this has nothing to do with volume. I liken it to when your eyesight starts to go, you are not blind you can still see for miles but not very clear, a magnifying glass would not improve your distance vision, likewise an increase in volume would not help your hearing defect.

Try and imagine having difficulty with sounds like ,B,C,D,G,P all sounding the same, and deterioration of vowel sounds also.

There are of course the new generation of digitally designed hearing aids specifically for ones particular hearing defects, but they for me are prohibitably expensive also very tiny and I would be scared stiff of loosing them. I have no idea how good they are, yet to meet anyone who uses them.

  laurie53 07:49 29 Dec 2007

Similar problems. In addition my tinnitus means that the dreadful tinny music they insist on playing causes me gradually increasing discomfort, and I normally have to hang up before I get anywhere.

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