how to get glue off pine!!

  [email protected] 22:29 18 May 2007

evening, bit of a strange one. I had a 3m mouse surface next to my keyboard, it's a self adhesive er mouse surface. the keyboard drawer is too small for a mat.
it was ok to begin with but it has worn out so i removed it, it came off very easily and left glue residue on the pine, so the mouse sticks to it.
I have spent two hours scubbing it with every cleaner i can find, it's stubborn! i use a very gentle solvent on my guitars but that wont touch it, the desk has a sort of waxed finish, any ideas on whats safe to clean the glue off as i dont really want to stick another over the top, as they wear out very quickly and i have a laser mouse so a mats not really needed.

  jimv7 22:35 18 May 2007

Try petrol or lighter fuel.

  Fred the flour grader 22:45 18 May 2007

tar and glue remover, Halfords should sell it for valeting your car.

  Fred the flour grader 22:48 18 May 2007

ps, what type of solvent do you use on your guitars? I have a Squire Stratocaster which I don't even let my wife near to clean, it's my pride and joy. I just use a bit pledge polish on it, I would be terrified to use solvent on it.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:48 18 May 2007

that you will need something anyhow for the mouse as opticals tend to be a bit erratic on shiny surfaces.

As for the glue, you can get commercial glue removers, but I presume you are looking for a 'household remedy' type of answer. I would try some alcohol. At a pinch a small dab of vodka. But as with jimv7's answer, take care when dealing with highly flammable liquids.


  [email protected] 23:03 18 May 2007

cheers guys, i shall venture out tommorow and try and find something, i didnt want to remove the glue only to meat the finish and have the same problem.
fred, havnt the faintest idea the french polisher leaves me a bit everytime he refinishes one for me, smells like very weak nail vanish remover, my pride and joy aint the same i had it renecked and i dont like it one bit '58 strat in 2 tone sunburst, i like strats a bugger to tune, a plank of wood with frets, designed by a non player etc etc but everyone's a little different and everyone loves their first one!
thanks all
ps should i post this on a diy forum?

  [email protected] 23:05 18 May 2007

no vodka in the flat at the moment!

  [email protected] 23:23 18 May 2007

oh sorry, just noticed which forum im in. meant to post in helproom!

  Jake_027 01:01 19 May 2007

I find that WD40 sprayed on a piece of kitchen roll works well for removing adhesive marks, if all else fails its worth a try.


  Jak_1 01:11 19 May 2007

Acetone will do the job admirably, just borrow the wife's/girlfriends/boyfriends nailpolish remover and use that as it contains acetone.

  Forum Editor 01:29 19 May 2007

Modern nail polish removers don't contain acetone.

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