How to get Bluetooth set up in car

  exdragon 09:06 29 Jun 2013

Hi - I've successfully paired my phone with Bluetooth in the car, but although the car display says, Phonebook downloading', I can't see how to make a call using someone's name. I get asked, 'By number or by name', but when I choose the latter, the comment is a very polite, 'Pardon?'. It works perfectly when I say the number, which is fine when I can remember it!

The car user guide only explains how to pair the phone, no word about what I'm trying to do.

Does anyone have any suggestions, please? I'm not sure if there's something else I should be doing.

  bremner 09:12 29 Jun 2013

What make, model and age of car?

  exdragon 09:20 29 Jun 2013

Picanto City,bought new two months ago.

  Al94 09:22 29 Jun 2013

Why not visit the dealer, I'm sure they could help you.

  exdragon 09:28 29 Jun 2013

Because people in this forum have a vast amount of knowledge, and no doubt the majority of questions posted here could be resolved by people using google, going back to the retailers etc.

The answer to my question may be quite simple; I don't know, as I've never been able to do this before, so there may be something I'm missing.

  Quickbeam 09:29 29 Jun 2013

It's interesting to note that this sort of technology that was once only available on high end cars is filtering down the ranges. I wonder if eventually when it's as normal as air-con and electric windows we'll see a much stricter enforcement on using a hand held phones on the move.

But I've no idea how to set it up exdragon, I'll have to wait until my 230k VW wears out first to upgrade!

  exdragon 09:48 29 Jun 2013

I think perhaps I'll try removing and re-pairing the phone - that action seems to work for quite a few problems! I may be back here later...

  BT 11:54 29 Jun 2013

As has been said ask your dealer. When I bought my Nissan (2nd hand) they offered to set up my phone for me but as my phone is old and ancient it doesn't have bluetooth.

  Quickbeam 12:03 29 Jun 2013

"my phone is old and ancient it doesn't have bluetooth."

Does it have two big buttons marked A & B instead?

  Al94 12:36 29 Jun 2013

What sort of phone are you trying to pair? If it's sticking at the downloading phone book it is possible there is a setting in the phone to allow sharing of contacts.

  exdragon 13:43 29 Jun 2013

Al94 - yes, that's what I just wondered as I was sitting in a car park! I've got a Samsung Galaxy Ace and spotted a message scrolling across the top, seemingly asking for access to the phone book. On the other hand, it's picking up the numbers without a problem. I'll have a look in the Samsung manual.

I'm not playing any more this afternoon - tennis and a cuppa are calling! If all else fails, I will indeed ask my friendly Kia man.

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