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  greengorilla 15:08 30 Dec 2006

Some of you may have read my thread, 'Politics and BT blocking Western websites,'. The thread gave a reference to another thread of mine in the Helproom where I had a run in with some character who, deduced from this Forum Editor's remarks, was quite clearly trying to pull rank on a newbie.

Now, not only has that thread been closed by the Forum Editor (who takes sides with Madboy) but takes a rant on me in the secondf thread but forbids me to reply.

Now, you can all see for yourself the obvious bias that exists on this forum. If I am wrong, the Editor would allow me to reply to his rant. Clearly he will not, retaliating I would imagine by banning me from this forum for daring to expose the reality of his own political bias!:-)

  Forum Editor 15:11 30 Dec 2006

Time to take a walk in the fresh air, methinks. You're too wrapped up in your own importance.

  anskyber 15:18 30 Dec 2006

Well I did read both threads. My impression was the "bias" to which you refer came from your good self.

Not everyone who contributes here likes the way things are run. For those who do not there are plenty of forums out there for ranting if that is what is being looked for. I assume you have familiarised yourself with the rules and they are pretty clear and balanced I think in terms of subjects and behaviour to be avoided.

I'm relatively new here myself but I am more than content with the way things are run, if I was not then I would find somewhere else to go. The site is actually a very friendly place and excellent for problem solving, the real reason for it to exist as a member.

Do not expect the opportunity to say what you like, its not about democracy, it's about what works for all our sakes.

  The Brigadier 15:32 30 Dec 2006

We ALL signed up for this forum & agreed to abide by the rules of the forum to which the FE polices, if people dont like what happens then they can always go elsewhere.

And you can always contact the FE if you do not agree with something.

  Bingalau 15:34 30 Dec 2006

FE. Time for greengorrilla to take a walk in the Black Forest and make a Chimp of himself I think. Sorry should have read "Chump". ..Bingalau..

  greengorilla 15:52 30 Dec 2006

All you fellas, let me make myself very clear: the purpose of my first approaching the PC-Advisor forum was to inform others of my sad experience with BT and to ask others for feedback.

Feedback I got and very interesting too. However, Madboy's initial comments, though useful in parts, I found offensive when he describes ICSSA as "erm, strange."

They might be strange to him but they certainly are not to me. And I can think of a lot stranger sites! Is that reason for such arbitrary censorship by BT?

Madboy made an opinion which was offensive. He then goes onto suggest that ICSSA is anti-US and anti-UK. Anyone who properly reads the site will see that this is sheer nonsense. ICSSA is anti-imperialist but is that surely a big deal?

My comments were enough to arouse the wrath of FE who refers to "our government" etc. He ignores the fact that the vast majority of the population object to the head of "our government" behaving in a dictatorial manner. And if BT is blocking ICCSSA who do you think it was who instructed BT to do so?

No, fellas, leave aside any racial or ideological bias you may have and try to see the problem objectively, ie that the freedom of netizens is being compromised. That SHOULD concern you, if it doesn't then you will get the totalitarianism you deserve.

  The Brigadier 15:57 30 Dec 2006

Suggest you look at click here

  greengorilla 16:07 30 Dec 2006

Thank you, TB. Re: offensive language, I found Madboy's language offensive. Any chance of his being penalized? I doubt it!

  €dstowe 16:22 30 Dec 2006

You may as well end this tirade now. You won't win whatever it is that you are trying to put across.

If you have a problem with a supplier (of anything, concrete or abstract) the place to complain to is the supplier himself, not to try and involve disinterested parties such as you will find on here.

As has been said, BT (or any other service provider) has the right to restrict access to any website it wishes to. I understand that there are numerous sites of an undesirable nature that are banned. If you think the site you are referring to does not come under the "undesirable" category then it is up to you to put your case to BT itself.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:23 30 Dec 2006

Please give it a rest and stop throwing your toys out of the pram.

ps I looked at ICSSA and found it to be singularly barking.

  anskyber 16:29 30 Dec 2006

For anyone who is the slightest bit interested this is the thread in question. click here

I am afraid greengorilla that your response was to come out with unsubstantiated rubbish expressed in an offensive manner. I am sure if others disagree with me they will say so, they usually do.

Think just for one moment, if your conspiracy theory was anything close to reality then none of us would get the site you mention. Incidentally I can get the site using Zen Internet and I imagine BT may be alone or close to alone if they are excluding the site.

For what it is worth I saw no harm in the site, it's just another campaigning site and it should be treated accordingly.

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