How fast do you read?

  WhiteTruckMan 15:32 21 May 2012

Not a trick question. Staples have a little test on their site

Speed reading test

that tests your reading (and comprehension) speed. Apparently national average is 300wpm, and as a first (and only) try I came out at 539wpm, or 18h 10m to read war and peace.

I'm not planning to do the test again though, just a one off.


  canarieslover 19:12 21 May 2012

I don't want to read any faster as my Kindle habit is already costing me a fortune.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:20 21 May 2012

It's not a test to find the highest speed you can read at, "read at your natural pace".

  lotvic 20:17 21 May 2012

491 wpm, all 3 question right. War and Peace in 19 hrs 56 mins (if I don't fall asleep ;-))

  Quickbeam 13:02 22 May 2012

311wpm first time which was harder as I didn't know what context the story was in, once I knew it was The war of the worlds it was 399wpm. I felt a way through the story line then.

25:39 hrs to read The Lord of the Rings and 7:15 hrs to read a Tale of two Cities.

That's complete rubbish 'cause it takes me about 6 weeks to do LOTRs intensively and I've never gotten past a quarter of an inch of pages with a Tale of two Cities, I can't get on with the reading style of some Dickens, and that's one of them!

  Aitchbee 14:30 22 May 2012

If you have had a good education and 'soaked up' all of the tricky words over your lifetime, then you might be able to sail through any book like a flat-stone skims over the water....

  dagbladet 14:53 22 May 2012

Profound. Is that Cantona?

  Aitchbee 14:57 22 May 2012

dagbladet - no 'tis aitch.

  Bingalau 15:32 22 May 2012

My stone skimming abilities have deteriorated over the years so much so that now my stones just bounce to the bottom with a thudunk (new word invented by me, how do I go about patenting it?)

However I have decided to have a go at this reading thing and see what transpires. All I know before I start is that I read three times faster than my partner. That's going by the length of time it takes her to get through the same book as me on a kindle. I can't understand why it takes her so long. Maybe she takes it in better than me.

Anyway here goes for this test thingy... I will report back later.

  Bingalau 15:52 22 May 2012

Well I seem to be the slowest so far with a wpm of 316. But that may be because as a former compositor I was probably looking for "rats" unconsciously of course.

  Chegs ®™ 05:33 23 May 2012

If I like a book,I will read from cover to cover and am able to relate the story through talking to anyone interested.If I don't like the book however,I can still read it from cover to cover(hoping forlornly that it will improve eventually)but you can ask me questions about it & I would need to find the relevant pages before answering.When the family used to holiday abroad,my parents would buy upwards of six paperbacks "to amuse us during the car journey & on wet weather days" Three days of being stuck in the car on the way out meant I'd often consume a 400+ page book per day,and the remainder on the way home leaving two weeks for fun in the sun.I resumed the habit of reading when I discovered my mobile could also double-up as an electronic book,but progress slowed as it was taking me three or four shifts (takeaway delivery driver)to finish a book,but now I'm unemployed again(car crash destroyed my car,no car,no job)I haven't found the time to read.I won't bother testing to see how fast I can read as my eyesight isn't as good as it was (particularly the computer screen) so the result IMHO wouldn't really be accurate.

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