How far does this credit crunch reach?

  Sapins 18:39 28 Jan 2009

I recently redeemed some credit card points for vouchers which can be used at M&S, Comet, B&Q, Woolworth's and some other outlets. I gave one voucher to my Sister-in-Law and her husband who attempted to use it in B&Q to be told "We can't accept this as it has Woolworth's printed on it"!!! as well, I may add, as all the other outlets it can be spent at.

So, Woolworth's troubles are affecting other stores now?

  Forum Editor 18:51 28 Jan 2009

A voucher is a voucher, and if B&Q has committed to honouring it that's what its stores must do - it has nothing at all to so with whether the name 'Woolworths' is also printed on it.

I suggest a referral to B&Q head office:

0845 609 6688 8am - 8pm Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm Saturday & Sunday

  Sapins 18:59 28 Jan 2009

Thanks for that, will phone tomorrow.

  oresome 20:13 28 Jan 2009

I suspect the B&Q assistant has got it wrong.

The confusion has possibly arisen from the fact that B&Q, Comet and Woolworths used to belong to the same group. Discount vouchers issued to the employees of one company could be used to obtain a discount at one of the sister companies.

This practise continued for a while after the various companies split from the main group, but was eventually stopped.

A memo will have gone round to B&Q employees at some stage advising them not to accept discount vouchers from Woolworths or Comet employees and this is probably what the assistant was thinking of...........alternatively I could be completely wrong! (and not for the first time)

  Forum Editor 00:11 29 Jan 2009

What you say makes sense - I'm sure that's the answer.

  Sapins 14:37 29 Jan 2009

Sister-in-Law has been given a number to call, I'll wait to see the outcome of this.

  Sapins 10:23 31 Jan 2009

Contacted S-I-L, she has spent the voucher at Comet!!!

  spuds 11:06 31 Jan 2009

The store voucher schemes have come under scrutiny recently, with the demise of Woolworths and Zavvi administration.

The administrators of Woolworths refused to accept Woolworth 'paid-for' vouchers, and quite a lot of people lost out financially.

Apparently, these vouchers have no value in an administrators procedure!.

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