How does Santa do it.....

  Hertz Van Rentyl 21:40 22 Dec 2006

How does he visit every houshold in one night?
By using Einsteins theory of relativity, curved space, time dilation and black holes and a matter/anti matter warp drive under the bonnet of the sleigh he can take a whole year to do his deliveries but to us it appears he does it all in one night.
If it's not Santa I would like to know who scoffs the mince pie and slurps the grog.

  Kev.Ifty 21:45 22 Dec 2006
  VoG II 21:53 22 Dec 2006

Hyperspace - obviously.

  big bloke66 11:58 23 Dec 2006

I still dont understand how i get to pay for all the presents he delivers :-).

  dx486 12:02 23 Dec 2006

Santa does a great job, just surprised Tony Blair has not given him a knighthood or at least an MBE/OBE or CBE for all his great work over the years.

  SB23 12:06 23 Dec 2006

There I was thinking it was all done by magic, now how do I explain Einstein theory to my kids? lol.

  anskyber 12:14 23 Dec 2006

Simple. There is a rather false assumption there is only one Santa. This is a big mistake.

The north pole as a centre of cosmic forces is a location with the facility to clone...perfectly. The northern lights are not particles from the Sun but instead are basic building blocks arriving to replace worn out Santas.

Given that anyone awake is not capable of seeing Santa this deception of there only being one of him is guaranteed. Obvious don't you think?

  dx486 12:15 23 Dec 2006

Look if NASA & click here think the man exsists he must do!!

  Mr Mistoffelees 13:13 23 Dec 2006

"Look if NASA & click here think the man exsists he must do!!"

Don't count on it, remember there are a huge number of Americans who believe they have been abducted by aliens!!!

  dx486 16:38 23 Dec 2006

So the X-Files are only fiction then?

  jack 16:55 23 Dec 2006

Asked Hertz Van Rentyl

Easy Rentasleigh from Avis ;-)

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