How do you use windows?

  Bob The Nob© 10:54 29 Nov 2004

Do you use it full screen or windowed like me...

click here

...I was using windows xp on an RM network [which keeps on crashing!] so what do you use and do you utilise the space?

  MESH Support 12:04 29 Nov 2004

If that's the resolution you run it at, it would drive me mad very quickly, not enough space!!

As for me, depends on what I am doing. I tend to run most apps full screen. When I'm shifting or processing files, I like the left half of the screen to have my local drives, and the right hand screen with the shares available on my network.

When video editing, I have a dual monitor setup so one screen will have the editing app running with the other dedicated to output or file management.

The short answer? Full Screen

  Sir Radfordin 12:32 29 Nov 2004

95% of the time it is full window (at home 1600x1200 resolution makes life nice and easy!) but if MSN or file transfers are going on will often reduce the window by a 1/4 to show something else down the right hand side. The handy alt+tab button is very helpful, as are various sounds for other events going on in the background.

  recap 16:26 29 Nov 2004

It all depends on which programs I have open at any given time.

The most windows I have had open to run a process was 21, so having smaller screens of the programs open in that case was an advantage. Generally I have full screen at 800x600 (old age creaping up, or I need new glasses).

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:15 29 Nov 2004

I nearly always use full screen where the program allows, 1280x1024 in my case.

  fourjays 19:06 29 Nov 2004

I almost always use it in full screen (1024x768). Windows just get on my nerves most of the time, especially when you have to scroll left to right to read text. Its quicker to flick the taskbar.

  stalion 21:28 29 Nov 2004

I use windows to operate my computer,without it I would be lost don't know anything about dos ;o)

  VoG II 22:57 29 Nov 2004

Full screen always. Otherwise I feel sick.

  Tim1964 00:20 30 Nov 2004

As above, 1024 x 768 on a 19"

  jack 09:04 30 Nov 2004

Full screen, one job at a time - puter may well multi task- I cant at my age.
Desk top a nice 'water colour' marbelled effect
drives along the top. a couple of folders of program
groups . Thats it
Remember the old computing adage from the stone age
'KISS'- Keep It Simple Stupid.

  AndySD 12:26 30 Nov 2004

Full screen on the Main Monitor but I tend not to be so fussed about the layout on the seconary screen.

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