How do you guys do it???

  wolfie3000 18:45 26 Mar 2007

Iv been ringing round all the I.S.P.'s all day today and not one of them can promise me an internet connection that will work with Windos Vista.

SO whos online and running Vista then and who are you with?

Its bloody fustrating trying to get an I.S.P. that supports Vista. :(

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:57 26 Mar 2007

I have set up Vista computers using Tiscali and orange problems at all.


  ajm 18:58 26 Mar 2007

If you have a ADSL Router, then there is no need for drivers to run under Vista. All is required is a Ethernet connection to plug the router to the PC and the ISP's user name and password.

The story is different if you are connecting through a usb adsl modem.

  anskyber 19:01 26 Mar 2007

Same as ajm. I use an ADSL router that I bought from Zen Internet then connected via the ethernet connection, no problems.

  wolfie3000 19:02 26 Mar 2007

all im after is a B.B. supllier who can get me online with vista and costs around £15 a month with no useage limits,

it cant be that hard to do?

And i dont want to spend money on a router.

  Kate B 19:03 26 Mar 2007

Get an ethernet modem/router, wolfie. You've been on about this for ages - time to bite the bullet and do it!

  octal 19:04 26 Mar 2007

I've set mine up using Linux which none of the ISP's, including the one I use, Virgin Media and it works just fine. As long as the NIC is detected it should be a problem.

I have this tussle with them whenever I go through to get them to reset my box or upgrade my connection, they say they can't help me any further because they don't support Linux, I say never mind about that, just reset my connection and I'll worry about the rest, that usually gets them a bit miffed because they like to think they know more than you.

  Forum Editor 19:04 26 Mar 2007

on a BT broadband ADSL service. All the machines are running Vista, and there have been no problems at all.

As ajm says, an ADSL router doesn't care which operating system you use.

  wolfie3000 19:04 26 Mar 2007

I know Kate B but im a stubbord git at times and i dont want to pay out for isp suppliers laziness.

  octal 19:05 26 Mar 2007

should = shouldn't, sorry that looked confusing when I read it.

  riiverstock 19:12 26 Mar 2007

Using Tiscali,a usb SpeedTouch modem and networking 2 computers through the ethernet connection.

One is XP the other is Vista.I had get fun networking both these machines.On the XP computer you have to download special updates inorder to get it talking to the Vista one.
At one point the XP firewall could not be accessed to check that it was switched off.Had to run 3 cmd instructions from MS to get it back.
However,after 2 days I got there in the end plus it enabled a steep learning curve for me,XP and Vista.

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