How do you deal with this mentality?

  Covergirl 12:32 06 Dec 2011

Concrete blocks thrown from bridges

It must be really difficult to find out how and why these people are affected, but I cannot imagine that they have considered the consequences of their actions for one minute.

Considering there have been over 30 attacks in the last three years and the last two appear to be linked, it would seem that some people, I assume kids or young adults, have a serious slate loose and need to be lobotomised before they kill somebody.

Hopefully there will be CCTV somewhere that may lead to their arrest.

  Covergirl 12:37 06 Dec 2011

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  WhiteTruckMan 13:01 06 Dec 2011

I have nightmares about this sort of thing. Over the years I have had numerous items thrown at my truck, sometimes from bridges, sometimes not. Some time back I was driving on the M60 round stockport way and noticed someone on a bridge over the motorway over my lane observing the traffic. when I got closer I saw he had climbed over the railing and was leaning over the drop, arms outward hanging on to the rail. It looked like he was getting up the nerve to jump and was waiting for something big (me) to arrive ad do the job proper. All I could think of as I drove under him (slowing down, but not braking hard so I didnt cause an accident behind me) was "oh no, not me, bugger off!"

I know its OT, but it's because of the above incident that I find myself unable to condemn jeremy clarksons recent comment about suicides.


  Autoschediastic 15:31 06 Dec 2011

A similar instance happened in the early 80's with the Miners strikes, BUT it was a full kerb that was thrown from a bridge and it went into i believe one of the foreman's window killing him instantly! again this was a deliberate incident as the person/s that did it knew his car...

I can only think of a few worse scenarios to critically injure someone..the person/s that have done this need their heads testing...prison for a very long time then be tested if they get parole...terrible thing to do :-(

  Autoschediastic 15:33 06 Dec 2011

Sorry i was slightly wrong here is the full story: Read Here

  Autoschediastic 15:37 06 Dec 2011

Last link sorry here is the photo of the car: PIC HERE

  interzone55 19:22 06 Dec 2011

I had a stone dropped on my car on the M6, shattered my windscreen but didn't come through. I was overtaking another car at the time so was in the fast lane with no forward vision.

I had to take a deep breath a swerve sharply across onto the hard shoulder.

The emergency phone operator told me to kick the windscreen out and drive to the next junction as Autoglass wouldn't replace the windscreen on the hard shoulder.

  Forum Editor 19:49 06 Dec 2011

It's very difficult to imagine how anyone could be so disturbed as to deliberately drop blocks of stone or concrete onto cars from a bridge.

There's not much else to say,other than I hope the police soon find out who is responsible.

  ella33 22:48 06 Dec 2011

Although it's not my normal way of thinking, I saw that news article the other day and found myself thinking that the ancient punishment of stoning could be the answer. Why not throw concrete blocks at the people who do it and it might put other people off considering it. It won't happen though, so I guess the answer is enclosed foot bridges. They had them in the Midlands, though they're quite old now but it's impossible to trow things over.

  Chegs ®™ 01:13 07 Dec 2011

I was lucky,the rock thrown from a bridge over the M6 smashed through the passenger side of my minibus & there was only myself in the vehicle at the time.I still get feelings of panic if I'm driving under a bridge with people on it nearly 20yrs afterwards.The force with which the rock entered the vehicle punched a hole through the back of the seat and tore a chunk out the 2nd seat.

I sincerely hope that the perpetrator(s)is caught before a death occurs,and they receive a lengthy custodial sentence.

The local police here don't seem to treat the throwing of missiles at passing vehicles too seriously though,as I recently chased & caught one of the yobs throwing missiles at the delivery van.He'd run into his house when I gave chase,and denied throwing anything saying it was his mates who'd actually thrown the objects so I informed him I was reporting the matter to the police.The police phoned me the next day & said this yob had given up the names of his mates and all had been "spoken too" and asked if my vehicle had suffered any damage.As my vehicle was not the only one struck(with no visible sign of damage)the Officer ended the call whilst I was explaining there were other motorists who might not've been so fortunate.

  morddwyd 08:23 07 Dec 2011

When I was a child in wartime Wales we regularly used to roll rocks down the sides of local mountains trying to hit the (very infrequent) cars going along the road at the bottom.

We were only six or seven and really had no concept of any danger to the people in they cars, I don't suppose any of us had ever seen a car accident.

When I think about it now I am horrified at our behaviour.

Luckily we never hit anything.

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