How do you deal with "leafletters"

  pj123 16:08 08 Jul 2008

Where I live we seem to get at least 4 or 5 people pushing leaflets through our doors daily.

Today, they are not only putting the leaflets through the letterbox but they are ringing the bell as well.

Years ago I used to see things on peoples gates which said "No Hawkers, No Circulars"

That doesn't seem to mean anything these days.

What do you do to put them off?

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:13 08 Jul 2008

Line up the dobermans outside the front door?

  Forum Editor 16:15 08 Jul 2008

because often they are the people who run the businesses that are advertised in the leaflets - they're trying to survive in an increasingly hostile economic climate for small businesses.

I know that a more or less constant deluge of paper through the door is irritating, but believe it or not it's one of the most productive forms of advertising for some small businesses - leaflets actually work, and I try to remember that on the other end of each leaflet is someone who is just trying to make a living.

  crosstrainer 16:15 08 Jul 2008

Deal effectively with most of them!

  Forum Editor 16:20 08 Jul 2008

How do they do that?

A barking dog wouldn't deter me if I was trying to promote my business.

  €dstowe 16:29 08 Jul 2008

My parents have had a notice in their front door for many years stating:

"Nothing Bought At Door Including Religion"

This seems to work and recently they've added:

"To save us the trouble, please put advertising leaflets directly into the recycling bin (at the side of the house)."

It worked for a while and, apparently, at least one of the leaflet droppers did put their junk into the bin - together with a lot of others which should have been delivered elsewhere.

  sunny staines 16:37 08 Jul 2008

i open the door and call them back to take the leaflet, if i am quick enough.

  bstb3 16:39 08 Jul 2008

We live in one of those 3 storey townhouses, with the main living area on the first and second floors, so getting unexpected callers / leafletters is a real hassle, especially for the wife with her bad knee.

In the window of the front door we had a sign that said, in large red letters, basically do not call, do not leaflet unless you are the postman etc (I forget the exact text). I will never forget the time when the local collector for one charity or another called, waited for us to come down (we tend to be deliberately slow, our friends know to ring first), gave us a plastic bag that could easily have been posted anywat, and then pointed to the sign and said "does that work? I was thinking about getting one"...He was totally innocent, completely failing to see the flaw in his question. I didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Needless to say the sign is in the bin, and we are installing a locking gate further down the path to the front door, hopefully that will keep some of the pests away.

  spuds 16:40 08 Jul 2008

FE-- Perhaps a dog trying to chew through the front door might ;o)

Slightly off subject perhaps, but I have clear notices on my property about door knockers etc. It didn't stop the person representing Southern Electric the other evening. First I was informed that they were not selling anything, but they were reminding me that Southern Electric had sent a letter at the beginning of the year, and I had not replied to it.

I explained or at least tried to explain, that was not interested in changing my electricity company, hence no response from me. Apparently, this wasn't good enough. When I bid the person goodbye and farewell, I was informed that Southern Electric would arrange to send me further details. Now doe's that sort of persistent and offencive attitude, annoy or what!.

  crosstrainer 16:42 08 Jul 2008

I guess the leaflet delivery people here (we get very few to be honest, as we are "Out of the way")

Are not that bothered. The occasional pizza or take-away food ad is all that ever gets through.

The post, however...Don't start me on that one. I get reams of untargeted rubbish on a daily basis.

  namtas 16:46 08 Jul 2008

FE I would disagree, leaflet drops do not work, and are a total waste of time and resource, they may have more impact when specifically targeted but in general in my case they give us around a 1% return, which I would not rate as good at all. I have also had other reports to say the same. A google on the subject would have the reader believe that it is a fantastic cheap advertising method however most all of the people praising appear to be those ones touting for work or in the business delivering. That said, I would be interested to see any proper research results.

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