How do you all do it?

  jack 08:44 26 Nov 2005

In his string 'Check this out'click here
had a good many joking responses but included were links to all sorts of other sites.- A medical one for example.
All very entertaining.
But as i sit here I wondered how do you guys have all this stuff seemingly at your finger tips to paste in.
I dont mean where you keep your searches or bookmarks- I guess most of us have our own ways to listing those - but simply to sit read and know where to go and click its in.
Come on FE where are the emoticons!

  Forum Editor 08:51 26 Nov 2005

are where they always were - in the drawer in my desk that marked "Things we will never use on this forum under any circumstances except over my dead body". If people can't communicate using the written word without the need for a mass of grinning, winking graphic assistance there's something sadly wrong with modern education.

As for where people get "all this stuff", well, they get it from the internet. Simply type a word into a Google search, and you'll be confronted with more links than you can shake a stick at.

I use software that searches multiple search engines simultaneously, and provides me with thousands of links. Nobody can work on a forum like this without search engine help - it doesn't matter how good their bookmarks etc. are.
The trick with search engines is to know how to use them - what you type in as a search term is critical in determining the quality and accuracy of the results.

  jack 09:08 26 Nov 2005

FE So thats where the E*** are - you quite right of course.
Yes I know about searches and all that, but what I am trying to get around is as stated, I have folders for this and a folders for other -links - but to remember what you have where in the instant of reading a string and being able to go to the spot and click it is is another kettle of fish - my age [72]the fact that I can not remember anything I looked at 5 minutes ago let aone a week/month away is par for the course I guess

  DieSse 11:02 26 Nov 2005

The FE is absolutely correct.

I keep next to no bookmarks on my system - but I use Google all the time to find things I don't know.

Teaching yourself how to use Google well is just a matter of practice. Actually I rarely use other search engines as with practice I find Google will normally find whatever you want with just a few tries.

The trick is to learn what phrases get you the results you want.

  Hamish 11:21 26 Nov 2005


Just remember the above very good advice and Google. Hope my memory does not fail too much in the next few months when I reach 72.

Having said that computers have helped to keep the brain active, just wish the rest was as good.

Keep posting it fun and learning for us

  stalion 11:52 26 Nov 2005

I keep all the help sites in my favourites and also use the search facilities along with a good memory it works well

  jack 12:16 26 Nov 2005

Thank you all so far- I do use Google of course and some of the others [when I remember] and my Bookmark[FireFox = to Explorer's 'Favorites'] and folders there in.

  spuds 12:18 26 Nov 2005

My reference system consists of hundreds of little yellow stick-on labels, with many www reference links, plastered on the purpose built computer storage unit.Most 'asked question' stickers at nearest point, so able to give easy response. Works a dream.

I keep adding as good links become available. Don't ask me to count them all, far to many.

  Chegs ®™ 12:21 26 Nov 2005

I use google as my homepage in IE and browse the forum with another browser,years of practise has enabled me to simply copy/paste the relevant info into google,the reason I'm not always first with the responses is it takes me awhile to read thru the results and I still get the wrong end of the stick frequently. ;-)

  Dan the Doctus 14:21 26 Nov 2005

My secrets are:

1. On my laptop and desktop I have notepad files containing useful sites which makes it easy to copy and paste, but also use Google quite a lot. I tend to use other machines a lot these days so have to rely on Google for almost everything.

2. Tomato juice. I didn't like it much at first, but I've found adding Vodka and a splash of Worcestershire Sauce makes it go down a treat.

  Joe R 14:38 26 Nov 2005

I use google for most of my searching, and when I find posts in the forum, which I find interesting,or solutions, which I may use in the future, I copy them in notepad, and save them to a folder.

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