How do PCAdvisor rate things they test?

  techie4me 14:58 10 Apr 2008

I was wondering how pcadvisor & other mags rate pc's when they test them?
Do the companies concerned know it's a pc mag doing it?
What happens to the test pc's after they have been tested?

  interzone55 15:40 10 Apr 2008

I'm not employed by PCA, but I can tell you what happens...

The magazines approach several suppliers and say we need, for instance, a games PC for £750 inc vat.

The supplier then sends the magazine a suitable PC, this can be off the shelf, or a special for the test, but Computer Shopper at least insist that the PC in the test should be available at the price stated for the shelf life of the magazine it appears in.

Once the test is over the PC is returned to the supplier. It used to be my job the strip the returned PCs down and put the parts back in our spares section. Sometimes a magazine who shall remain nameless used to send the PCs back in quite appalling condition, I think they used to stress test them with coffee...

  interzone55 15:44 10 Apr 2008

sorry, just to add

The manufacturers will send new products to magazines un-solicited for review.

And magazines sometimes purchase PCs via staff members if they want to test suppliers customer service levels.
I don't know what happens to these PCs after the review, perhaps they're used by magazines within their labs as software test machines.

  amonra 17:04 10 Apr 2008

Have you ever seen a magazine really slate a product ??? No way.

  oresome 18:53 10 Apr 2008

"send the PCs back in quite appalling condition, I think they used to stress test them with coffee..."

That was the FE. He choked on the £50 cup of coffee mentioned in another thread when he got the bill.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:05 10 Apr 2008

Vauxhall Zafira/Nissan Micra..Top fact most Vauxhalls have had a good sleighting from car mags and rightly so IMHO.


  interzone55 20:44 10 Apr 2008

Take a look at page 65 of the current PCA - I wouldn't say that was a glowing review of the Packard Bell Easynote XS.

There's no point totally slating a product unless it really has no redeeming features at all. If you do the supplier is not likely to ever send another product for review & you might miss out on some gems.

If you want a site that's not too shy to slate something go to The Register Hardware section click here

  wee eddie 21:38 10 Apr 2008

that say "Don't bother to buy this product" or words to that effect.

  Stuartli 00:11 11 Apr 2008

I'm sure that the FE will be along any time to explode some of the myths that people hold about PCA and other publications' product reviews.

Any journalist worth his/her salt will tell it as it is, warts and all.

Otherwise any opinion expressed is virtually worthless and readers' confidence and trust in such tests and reviews would rapidly evaporate.

  J Cricket 09:35 11 Apr 2008

I'd imagine that most magazines wouldn't bother to review the things that they think are obviously going to be rubbish - stuff that's clearly overpriced, had bad reviews elsewhere or severly under-specced, for instance - leaving space for reviews that are more beneficial to their readers.

  anskyber 10:37 11 Apr 2008

A wry aside. click here

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