How did you decide on your user name?

  ripvan 05:32 24 Dec 2006

There are some weird and wonderful user names on this forum.Some are obvious but how on earth do some people think some of them up?
Mine actually came from my nickname a gym teacher at college gave me and it has stuck with me 35 years later.

  Apron 05:44 24 Dec 2006

Good morning
You're up early for a person with that nickname.
I have more aprons than ballgowns. I'm waiting for it to be light enough to take the dog for a walk. have to be quiet, baby and aged aunt asleep.

  hijo 05:47 24 Dec 2006

hiya m8 morning (05:44am)i was in bed until someone nicely started letting off fireworks at 0515am..right near my home..grrr,ANYWAY if iam right this has been asked b4 but outa intrest to yourslef or whoever my name is spanish meaning "Son" ive kept it plain as somethings are better that way,my wife is from south america & she constantly calls me "Hijo" which they can do in there culture,its a bit bizzare as i wouldnt like the fact of calling her "my daughter" yuck lol

  ripvan 05:51 24 Dec 2006

Morning Apron and hijo,I am actually at work on night shift.Always like to look at the forum during my break.Only 2 hours to go!!
merry christmas

  hijo 05:53 24 Dec 2006

many thankx m8 & all the best to you toooooooo..

  Apron 05:57 24 Dec 2006

Morning hijo
The USAF are going mad here, they haven't been able to fly during the fog and are making up for it today. Let's hope that the balloon goes up in good weather.

  wolfie3000 05:59 24 Dec 2006

Up early myself lol.

As for my forum name well iv been called wolfie for many years as a nickname,
It comes from the fact i have a big wolf tattoo on my arm which i had done many years ago.

  €dstowe 06:32 24 Dec 2006

This topic has been aired a number of times before.

My moniker comes from my initials Eric David (with a stylised "E" as "€") and the surname of my partner again with an extra "e" as I had to re-register once from being without the e.

I'm always known as Ed which is a bit confusing as my brother's name is Edward.

  octal 13:09 24 Dec 2006

Loosely connected to computers click here it's a wonder no one else chose it.

  rodriguez 13:11 24 Dec 2006

I posted this in the other thread but anyway - my real name's Pete Smith but as you can tell, that's boring. So me and my mates made up foreign names for each other one night when we were on the beer. Mine was Pierre Rodriguez and it stuck. :-D So I use Rodriguez as my forum and MSN names (took the Pierre off because it was a bit weird).

  big bloke66 13:18 24 Dec 2006

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