How did they do this?

  jack 08:57 08 Nov 2008

A BBC radio four discussion on Wednesday Morning last was about 'Top Shelf' publications and how they are changing from male oriented to Female oriented- several prominent ladies and a top publisher were chewing the topic over
'Did the rise of 'Adult' web sites bring a decline in sales of such publications'
The publisher responded 'Not at All' a new type of buyer wanted a new 'slant that's all'
He went on to mention some of the sites including the companion site to UTube.
Oh sez me I did not know about that lets have a look.

Here is the How do they do that bit.
On the Home page[I did not go further - you have to register to do that of course] All the lovelies depicted had locations in my Home Town.

Now I cannot imagine this is the case for every one that logs on- The whole of the UK 'Dirty Mac' population decending here.
So I thought some how the site must sus out my location . But how?

  wiz-king 09:30 08 Nov 2008

From your IP address with a quick ping.
Many websites target their 'adverts' to the address if the user.

  Forum Editor 09:41 08 Nov 2008

the sites you mention can use IP lookup technology fix your location within a 25 mile radius with a 50%-60% degree of accuracy. They do it by using your IP address and referencing a geolocation database which is available commercially.

I use it on a couple of my clients' sites(not that kind of site, I hasten to add), and it can usually perform a lookup inside a couple of seconds or so. I just tried it on one of the sites, and it located me as being in London within two seconds.

  Pineman100 10:46 08 Nov 2008

So does this mean that even a dynamic IP address is always geographically specific?

I'd always imagined that, when you log on, your ISP's server just bunged you the next random one from the top of the pile.

  WhiteTruckMan 10:56 08 Nov 2008

does this still happen with a proxy server?


  canarieslover 12:06 08 Nov 2008

Surely you have all watched one of the CSI series,. They can locate you within a few metres. Ha Ha!!

  jack 12:18 08 Nov 2008

Tiz a shame that more SPAM sites do not employ the same procedure.
I think about 99% of the stuff in this category is US oriented and could not apply to us even if we were remotely interested/daft enough to respond.

  crosstrainer 12:57 08 Nov 2008

Any GPS enabled mobile phone can be traced that way too!

  Forum Editor 18:29 08 Nov 2008

No, not if it's an anonymous proxy.

  crosstrainer 18:34 08 Nov 2008

Yes, but most will use the "out of the box settings"

I'm still trying to get to grips with my new phone and it's the first thing I do.

How many people consider the network settings in mobiles though?

  Chegs ®™ 16:50 09 Nov 2008

I used to listen to internet radio stations,but the main station I listened to was based in the USA.A couple of years ago,I was sent an email advising me that the station had been forced to change to allowing only USA citizens to listen.I was a little miffed but the good folks at PCA said "easily sorted,listen through a proxy address" but try as I might,the station still discovered my IP and wouldnt let me listen.

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