How to deal with Spammers.

  spuds 12:03 22 Jul 2004

Do we have a spam problem on the internet. If so, is this the way to deal with it? click here click here

  €dstowe 13:38 22 Jul 2004


Spam cannot be dealt with.

There is a built-in assumption in all of these lawsuits that civilisation ends at the USA shoreline*. It doesn't. There is a very big world out there in which the US of A has no influence whatever. The American judiciary seem particularly unaware of this outside existence and that it is very, very much larger than they are.

*There are some people who believe that civilisation doesn't exist in the USA but, that's another story.

  Forum Editor 18:43 22 Jul 2004

and the person or company who/which comes up with the definitive solution will go down in history as a saviour.

Don't hold your breath though, avarice makes people devious, and determined spammers have beaten everything thrown at them so far. One way to beat spam is to charge for emails sent. The nmominal charge would not actually be made unless your message was rejected as spam by a recipient server. There are technical and logistical problems galore inherent in this scheme, but it might work........or would it? The problem is that serious spammers make so much money they might consider the risk worth taking, unless the charge was too high, in which case all of us might be deterred from emailing our friends in case they forgot to authenticate us as senders, and we had to fork out.

  cga 12:49 23 Jul 2004

I would go for a similar solution but with varions. My suggestion would be to charge a nominal amount (e.g. 1p) for every email sent. This is a fraction of the cost of postage and much more convinient. The total cost would not hurt the average user but would hurt those who send thousands of emails. Pricing could even be arranged so that there was a monthly threshold blow which the charge was waived.

The problem with this is the vested interest of the "free" web mail providers would make it difficult to collect.

  pcwhizz 16:39 23 Jul 2004

that is a good idea. ISP's cud run a fair use policy and free web email providers cud run limits. this wud also enable these free email providers to improve service with a less volume service.

Great Idea!

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