How to deal with a bully

  Joe R 19:13 09 Nov 2008

Sorry for those who may feel that, this may be a very depressing subject, but a friend of my youngest daughter, was a victim of bullying for a while recently, and was telling me today, that my daughter had helped her overcome it.

Intrigued (and proud) I questioned my daughter about the subject, and was informed that, Master John Darcy, her Tae Kwon Do instructor, has a half hour session once a month, devoted to the subject.

I was also shown a page from the clubs website, which (imho), has a very good list of do's and don'ts, for anyone who may be on the receiving end of some of these lowlifes, and this is the link click here

Sorry once again to those who may feel that the subject is depressing, but this has already helped someone I know, and may also help others.

  Joe R 19:16 09 Nov 2008

Sorry, after clicking on the link, click on kids in tae kwon do, and scroll down to bullying.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:22 09 Nov 2008

When I was 13 I was subjected to the attentions of a bully at school. My father, who used to box in the RAF, took me straight down to boxing lessons and after 6 months I had loads of self confidence. After about 9 months the bully tried the same again and that was the last time that he or anyone else tried to bully me. I was taught self-restraint at boxing lessons but I just had to belt him a few times as he was incapable of intelligent reasoning.


  Legolas 19:42 09 Nov 2008

I hate bullying, it is one of the most odious things that happens in our society.

I have only been bullied once despite always being small. I was the smallest boy in my Secondary School but I was never bullied.

The one time it began to happen was when I went to college just after I left school. Two "gang members" from a nearby town were in my day release class and took great delight in bullying, not just myself but others in the class.

After a few weeks I had had enough and went to the principal and told him what was happening.

I am not sure how he dealt with the two boys but I was moved to a different day release class. The two boys found out I had went to the principal and threatened to "do me" they never did. Like many bullies they were all talk.

  Kev.Ifty 21:32 09 Nov 2008

When I was at school I found the guys that had been shown how to fight by thier Dads where the same guys that where responsible for the bulling.

  ronalddonald 21:49 09 Nov 2008

and secondary schools i got bullied because of my race and colour.

However i took up wing chun and that helpd me along way intackiling groups of bullies.

Remember bullies are cowards who think they cant get away with it, but give them something there not expecting they run or try to group up,

Cowards always always fall into the ground.

  ventanas 22:11 09 Nov 2008

Not always so. I went through something similar to GANDALF <|:-)>, I was never very big (5'9") and at times was fair game. My dad was regimental middleweight champion, and he taught me so I could defend myself. It worked. I actually became quite reasonable (flyweight) and did some amateur stuff after I left school. Again I agree that the discipline is what really works.
But today - how do you box knives and other weapons.

  DANZIG 22:31 09 Nov 2008

.....when I was at school I was the 'runt' of the litter - BIG glasses, curly ginger hair, skinny as a rake, not good at sport but loved my books and computers and stuff.

I was bullied a bit, but I found as time went by, both me and my aggressors grew up a bit and forgot all about it.

I may have been lucky but most of my bullying was of the emotional kind and not physical - it may have affected me somewhat, but maybe it hasn't all been a negative effect

  peter99co 10:00 10 Nov 2008

I was bullied once by a bigger lad. He did not like it when I threw his bike at him. He did not do it again.

  Legolas 10:12 10 Nov 2008

I agree, nowadays the bullies are even bigger cowards as they hide behind knives and other weapons, take away that and they are nothing, and I suspect they know that.

  The Brigadier 10:22 10 Nov 2008

With friends last year up in town a drunk decided to pick a fight with me, seems i disrespected him.
I warned him i was trained in unarmed combat but seems he just got more excited!

I never touched him, just ducked the fists & waited for him to slow down. When he was puffing away, one slight push & he lost his balance & ended up in a heap on the floor.

Violence only breads more violence!

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