How dare you open that letterbomb !

  Belatucadrus 14:48 25 Sep 2007

DVLA manager seems to come from alternate universe :-

"One manager even wanted me to apologise to people for what I did that day."

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If it was me said manager would be left with serious grounds for getting me dismissed for GBH.

  techie4me 14:55 25 Sep 2007

How sad that someone who opens up an IED(Improvised Explosive Device) is shunned by others in their workplace.
But those who are, could be suffering from PTSD as happened during the troubles in Ireland in the 70's, 80's and 90's.

  Confab 15:16 25 Sep 2007

It may be – and this is only me speculating here- that the woman and her colleagues were suspicious about the package. Apparently others similar packages had been sent and these were also in Jiffy bags. If this was the case then I can understand why her colleagues are angry because her actions put them all at risk. If someone in my office suspected that a package might contain a bomb then I certainly would not expect him/her to start fiddling with it to see if it goes bang or not. I would expect them to follow the correct security procedure.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:46 25 Sep 2007

According tot eh report the staff had been warned that morning to be suspicious of unusual packages and I would bet that not many Jiffy bags are sent to DVLA. If this is true the woman deserves what she gets for her utter gormlessness.


  tullie 15:59 25 Sep 2007

She deserves getting injured?You jest!

  Seth Haniel 16:21 25 Sep 2007

the next letter (bomb)she gets

  spuds 16:50 25 Sep 2007

If you want to hear about a case of incompetence, then consider this. Police officer sent out to a report about a possible unexploded bomb or grenade that had been dig up in someone's back garden. Said officer agreed on arrival that suspected object looked like a unexploded hand grenade, and as a form of protection placed an old cast-iron bath that was laying nearby over the suspect object (think about it!). Easily done in the heat of the moment I suppose :O(

  Totally-braindead 18:21 25 Sep 2007

It depends whether they had been warned about not opening packages and exactly what was said to them.
If you work in an office where you are warned not to open packages due to bombs being sent and you then decide to do so even though you have been told not too and theres an explosion, would you want to work with her?
I wouldn't say she deserves to be injured but if you are told not to do something as it might be dangerous and then choose to do it anyway, which lets face it is what she did, then why would it be surprising that people would not want to work with her? By her actions she is putting people at risk. She didn't send the bomb of course but she did open the package despite being told not to and did therefore injure her co-workers.

  Weskit 18:27 25 Sep 2007

What was wrong with placing a cast iron bath over a hand grenade? Presume he didn't have a sand bag handy.

  spuds 20:25 25 Sep 2007

Cast iron = shrapnel of a very lethal type.

On this occasion there was plenty of soil about, which would have made safety procedures a little better, if used as a surround material.

As it was in this case, the grenade was found to be a practise 'dummy' grenade, that was used by the home guard for training purposes in WW2.

  Bingalau 22:11 25 Sep 2007

spuds. In my experience you do not put anything around an explosive device, as this increases the danger. You just walk away (never run) and send for the disposal experts.

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