How can they do this to there own children

  Uboat 14:36 07 Dec 2010

Rarely i am without words, and this is the occasion where i dont..

how can anyone do this to there own kids and her fathers justification was that she had left her husband? REALLY..

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  jakimo 15:07 07 Dec 2010

Its well known what friendly and peaceful Muslims wish on those they claim to be their enemies,but it appears that the same applies to the relatives that don't submit to their beliefs

  wee eddie 15:31 07 Dec 2010

and much to do with the Society in which they live.

The descriptive word for that kind of Society is "Patriarchal" but that had, sort of, cuddly overtones. Male Dominant, barely covers the attitude of some Males in that Society to the position of the Female and particularly, Members of their own Family, which is akin to Ownership.

There is little point in disagreeing with them, because their pitiful minds feel that they have to enforce their position in Society by condemning the Opposite Sex to a position of near Slavery.

  lotvic 17:01 07 Dec 2010

It says that they have arrested her father-in-law not her father.

  spuds 17:39 07 Dec 2010

Ever heard of 'honour killings'. It still happens in many countries including the UK.

There are many females in certain societies in the UK, who dare not venture out of the house, or even have the chance of an education or perhaps learn English. Welcome to the 21st century?.

  peter99co 17:43 07 Dec 2010

Life is cheap if you are brought up in a society where Honour is held to be so important.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:51 07 Dec 2010

100 years ago many women in the UK had very little rights and it was only relatively recently that they had 'equal' rights. Might be worth reading a bit of British history first. There are also quite a few stories of women being hideously disfigured by stalkers/relatives in the UK.


  Forum Editor 19:14 07 Dec 2010

in which women are dominated by men, and in such societies violence is always used as a means of control - not by every man, but by a lot of them.

Cruelty is not a word these men understand when applied to what they do, their need to feel respected by other men in the community overrides every other consideration. They're weak, but they can't understand it, they fear women as much as anything else.

The answer is education - educated women become organised women, and organised women can be a formidable force for change. It will happen, but not quickly enough for a lot of women like Aisha.

  morddwyd 21:36 07 Dec 2010

These men are no more being cruel to their women than the Spaniards are cruel to the bull, or we used to be cruel to the fox.

It's an aspect of the society you are brought up in.

As the FE says, education is the only answer, trying to rationalise it using WASP values will always fail.

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