How can they?

  perpetual motion 14:33 20 Mar 2009

It amazes me how they can collide with today's technology.??

Ok it was at 1Am but what about radar.?

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  Woolwell 14:39 20 Mar 2009

A submerged submarine doesn't/cannot use radar. It should have picked up the surface ship on sonar and been aware of its position but perhaps not exactly. The surface ship may not have been aware where the sub was at all after all submarines are designed not to be detected.

  perpetual motion 14:48 20 Mar 2009

but there BOTh american.?? u would of thought that someone would of known the destination of them or are they in the water & no one keeps a record or monitors them .??

  babybell 14:57 20 Mar 2009

If you think about how many ships there are in the water, it would be a comeplete nightmare to track every single ship, especially in a body of water so large! Plus submarines are usually floating around in secret so would be a bit silly if one party knew of its whereabouts

  interzone55 16:56 20 Mar 2009

You forget that the US, and especially the US military, are extremely paranoid. So one division would have a clue what another division is doing.

Also, it's a bit like when the UK & French submarines crashed the other week. When you have stealth technology to stop the enemy seeing, it also means your friends can't see you either...

  perpetual motion 17:55 20 Mar 2009

Ok i'll go with what your saying but isnt it a bit silly having Stelth sub's & risking the chance they collide which has happened more than once, think about the Ecological part of things.? these subs are nearly ALL nuclear & i just think its a bit Odd that no one has a clue where the all are its destined for a accident..

  Forum Editor 18:01 20 Mar 2009

The seas are vast, and the chances of two submarines colliding are miniscule. The whole idea of nuclear submarines running in stealth mode is that they can't be detected - they would lose much of their value if everyone could see them coming and going.

This submarine collided with a surface vessel, or vice versa - we don't know the full story, and we're unlikely to.

  laurie53 20:46 20 Mar 2009

If she was surfacing then one would have expected a fairly comprehensive sweep with the periscope in any direction that Sonar reported a contact.

On the other hand if she was running at periscope depth it would behoove them to keep the periscope in constant use with Sonar contacts in such a busy strait.

However, like the FE says we don't know the full story, although if the OD and the Captain (on both vessels) get court martialled as is normal we may yet get an inkling.

  Curio 20:54 20 Mar 2009

It could well be these vessels - submarine and surface vessel = were on exercise and a tactical manoeuvre brought them to this conclusion. Submarines have been known to sit beneath a surface ship in the past.

  dagbladet 21:00 20 Mar 2009



  Jak_1 21:50 20 Mar 2009

There are effectively two types of sonar, active and passive. Active rely upon sending out a sound signal and waiting for an echo to return, passive is when the transducer is just listening (hydrophone effect), a bit like having microphone to pick up sounds in the water. With active sonar you can get the range, bearing, depth, target aspect, target speed and target's direction of travel. However, the target can hear the sounds emitted by the sonar and use them to pinpoint the submarine.
Passive, where you listen to underwater sounds and that can only give a rough bearing of a target and maybe distiguish the type of vessel the target is. It cannot give a range nor acurate depth and bearing.

As has been stated, if the submarine was operating in stealth then only the submarines Commanding Officer and Senior Officers at HQ Naval Command Operations would know the submarines whereabouts.

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