How can I check premium bond numbers?

  WhiteTruckMan 00:36 13 Jun 2009

Going though some old things this evening I came across some old, long forgotten premium bonds. Theres a £5 each from 1976 and 1977, and a £1 from 1957. They have the actual bond numbers on, but NOT the holders number. Anybody any ideas how to check them for any wins? I've looked at the nsandi website checker but that asks for the holders number only (which I dont have for these bonds).


  rdave13 00:46 13 Jun 2009

Funnily enough tried for help with two £1 bonds from about 1954 and emailed for help. Got a personal reply to state that I must fill in the forms they send and they'll be able to check.
Sure enough the forms arrived and the first warning was ' If you don't have a 'holders number' then this query cannot be processed.
Lost interest but may take it up again when I have precious time.

  rdave13 00:57 13 Jun 2009

Went through this route; click here
Hope you have better luck than I did but haven't had time to persevere.

  Forum Editor 08:54 13 Jun 2009

1. The bonds are still valid, and will still be entered into the draw each month. Bonds never expire.

2. Provided you have the bond itself you should not need any further proof - the holder's number is not a legal requirement.

You should write to:-

Tracing Service
National Savings and Investments

and tell them that you have the bonds. They may ask you to send them via special delivery, but ask - you don't need to complete a tracing form if you have the actual bond.

  rdave13 09:24 13 Jun 2009

Thanks for the information. The email route didn't work out so I might drop them a line via the P.O.

  Bingalau 10:03 13 Jun 2009

Hey, I might be rich after all, I bought two £1 bonds the first day they came out... Still around here somewhere, I will get searching and follow the advice from you all... Thanks.

  johndrew 11:03 13 Jun 2009

You don`t need the bonds themselves, but you do need your Holders Number which you put in here click here.

NS&I have all details of bonds and you can cash them in even if you don`t have the actual bond but have the number and your Holders Number.

If you have lost all details, you need to write to NS&I requesting details of your number and your holding. Obviously there will be security checks and you will need to provide the address at which you were living when you either bought the bonds or made contact with them last. The contact details are on the site page above.

  Forum Editor 11:18 13 Jun 2009

If you don't have the holders number, and many people with old bonds don't - you can ask the trace office to search if you have the actual bond. The holders number is not a requirement, as I pointed out earlier.

  WhiteTruckMan 11:41 13 Jun 2009

I must say though, that I am puzzled why you cannot do an online search with the actual bond numbers. Using the holders number is, I believe, merely a convenience so people dont have to input multiple bond numbers.

Surely just a matter of a simple search of a database?


  Forum Editor 11:41 13 Jun 2009

The oldest unclaimed prize dates back to 1957, and the largest single unclaimed amount to date is £25,000.

  Forum Editor 12:08 13 Jun 2009

of a simple search of a database?"

Database yes, simple, not quite - there are now almost 37 billion bond numbers going into each draw.

On average sales of Premium bonds are currently running at about £25 million a day. That's some database, and of course it isn't just one. In just one year 2006/2007 there were sales of £8.2 billion.

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