How to arrest a hostage taker

  john bunyan 12:18 07 Apr 2012

The Spanish police have an interesting method of arresting a hostage taker on his get away. Motor cycle stopped

  daz60 12:21 07 Apr 2012

Would not be allowed in this country,he might get hurt and he might sue.

  Strawballs 12:24 07 Apr 2012

I think one is quite old, but the only thing I can see wrong with that is the waist of a good motorcycle!

  bremner 12:25 07 Apr 2012

..and the police officer driving the car would be arrested and charged with GBH.

  Strawballs 12:29 07 Apr 2012

That's the problem with this country victims have less rights than the criminals, as I said the only thing I can see wrong is the waste of the bike and the repair bill to the car which should be added to his fine.

  rickf 14:20 07 Apr 2012

Great stuff if he really was the culprit. We in the UK have gone very soft on all sorts of criminals from muggers to major criminals.

  sunnystaines 18:32 07 Apr 2012

nice to see summary justice, time the uk woke up.

  Bingalau 19:38 07 Apr 2012

I think it was Clint Eastwood driving the unmarked police car. (He was on holiday in Spain that week).

  badgery 19:59 07 Apr 2012

"nice to see summary justice, time the uk woke up"

Good to see the usual knee-jerk reactions, and references to a fictional hero fighting crime.

Yes. let's have summary justice - so when a police officer decides he thinks you are needing justice he simply smacks you over the head, or even shoots you? What would be your reaction then, Oh yes, police brutality, where is good old British justice, horror?

You cannot have it both ways.

Only rickf mentioned, in passing, the words "IF he really was the culprit".Thank goodness guilt has to be proved in a court of law, here.

  bremner 22:58 07 Apr 2012

This incident was in April 2004

  Chegs ®™ 01:28 08 Apr 2012

As a teenager,I was out riding around on my motorcycle & decided to ignore the 4th request from a police officer to pull over(I'd already stopped 3 times earlier in the day for an officer to issue me with an HORT1 form)for a "routine check" & having followed me for several miles he decided to ram me off when I was stopped at traffic lights.I discovered that I wasn't the only rider he'd smashed into as several of my drinking mates where motorcyclists "hung out" revealed they'd crossed swords with him too.Looks like he emigrated to spain though I thought he'd retired.

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