How about expanding the Forum rooms with...

  Z1100 13:25 09 Jan 2007

A Software Room.

I know there are plenty Dedicated Software Rooms like MS Office rooms on MS Site and plenty others beside that.

But we are here, and maybe a room about Security to cover protection software and configurations for AV and Spyware software.

Another about Publishing Software...

One for Editing software...


You see where I am going by now so I will leave it up to those that decide things to, well, em, decide ;)

A one stop Forum that could be easier to navigate instead of a general help room.

No doubt this has been discussed before, but hey, it's nearly christmas, lets do it all again.


  medicine hat 13:36 09 Jan 2007

Games has been done - it died due to lack of use

  wolfie3000 17:51 09 Jan 2007

medicine hat

That was before i joined, i would love to see a games secttion.

  jack 19:59 09 Jan 2007

That was before i joined, i would love to see a games secttion.

Those that play games dont have time to go on forums
hence the death!

  Stuartli 20:04 09 Jan 2007

Software issues can be/are raised in either Customerwatch or Helproom.

One possibility though could be the most commonly asked questions being grouped together for easy reference.

One definite candidate would be No Sound and another My CD/DVD Drive Doesn't Work...:-)

  PurplePenny 15:33 11 Jan 2007

"How about expanding the Forum rooms with"

...a small extension... we could knock out one edge of the screen and add a few inches.. anskyber can grant us (virtual) planning permission...


  wee eddie 15:52 11 Jan 2007

is the random nature of the Threads.

A Thread, initially dealing with one problem may lead us into another, or consequential issue.

If the Rooms were as specific as you would suggest, then visitors would only visit the bits that interested them and not gain the benefit of the craic that makes this Forum so useful.

  Brumas 16:04 11 Jan 2007

I agree 100% with you - just call me the serendipity dog :o)

  Forum Editor 21:10 11 Jan 2007

but it was hardly used at all, and I'm afraid one or two dedicated gamers just aren't enough, wolfie.

As for a software forum - we've already got one of those, it's called Consumerwatch.

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