housing benefit changes!

  Uboat 12:24 27 Oct 2010

It has to be said guys that i for one am ALL for this law to come in! ive heard of stories where people are living in a £250 a week house and on the dole where it all gets paid! how is that justified when they have never worked or more so this example:

click here

& this

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When we were unemployed we (2 adults one 6 yr old child) was told we could receive a max of £75 per week, yes i agree we don't live in London but come on! the difference is is literally incomparable!

  Quiller. 13:50 27 Oct 2010

"on the dole where it all gets paid! how is that justified when they have never worked"

Don't tar all with the same brush. You infer that those on the dole have never worked. That is not true. The vast majority have lost their work through redundancy, short term contracts and closure of firms. These have paid their taxes for years, like you and me and need a bit of help to get them back on their feet. A small amount are truly disabled and unable to work.

There is a tiny minority who refuse to work and milk the system.

There is also a lot of unscrupulous landlords who work the system for all it's worth.

There is also criminal gangs who scam councils for vast amounts of housing benefit.

There are a very few council tenants in London who sub let council/housing association properties for vast weekly rents while they pay the minimum.

So as in most cases, a few blacken the names of the rest.

  birdface 14:10 27 Oct 2010

I think the problem arises when you get paid more on the dole than what you would going to work.
So to some it is not worth going to work by the time they pay for transport to get them there.
Many governments have tried to change the system but to no avail.
A family needs X amount to live on and thats what they get.
Now david cameron has said he was going to get them off the dole and back to work.
I do not know how he is going to manage that with another Million or so joining the dole queue in the near future.

  Uboat 17:50 27 Oct 2010

Dick Tattor I am not "Tarring with the same brush" as you so put it! i also am NOT generalizing the unemployed!
What i said was how is it justified that a person who can work but doesnt want too recives so much help from the goverment? i for example have been in this situation.
The links i posted above are the proof in anyone's eyes the system needs changing and needs it NOW.

  egapup 18:53 27 Oct 2010

They are still going to pay out a maximum of £400 a week, that's a massive amount, I wish I earned that much.

  interzone55 08:47 28 Oct 2010

To my eyes the problem lies in the costs of property.

Why should any house cost £400 a week to rent?

I live in a decent sized 2 bedroom house on a gated estate and it only costs me £375 a month furnished.

The ludicrous house prices in the south east are the problem here...

  sunnystaines 11:49 28 Oct 2010

its a good idea to save money, if they are not working they shipped to where ever is the cheapest to keep them, might encourage them to go and get a job.

the other bonus for some landlords might have to reduce their rip off rent prices they charge for problem family's on benefits.

  birdface 12:14 28 Oct 2010

Basically because of the lack of council houses a lot of folk have to stay in private rented accommodation and basically that is where the problem starts.
The Landlords know exactly how much they can charge and most of those prices are geared to those getting housing benefit.
So over inflated pricing is causing most of the problems but every one has known this for years. And it is nice to know this government is at last going to do something about it.
I can see rents falling accordingly.

  Quiller. 13:21 28 Oct 2010

that housing benefit is also paid to a lot of people in full / part time work.

those receiving below average earnings and living in private rented / council accommodation, especially in London can receive housing benefit and council tax help.

What do you do with those thousands of working families. Tell them to up sticks, move out of London and join the ever increasing dole queue elsewhere? Who will then do these low paid jobs that keep the capital running?

  interzone55 14:09 28 Oct 2010

Well said sir.

This is a problem world-wide, where accommodation prices in cities are out of reach of the people who service the city, such as cleaners, restaurant staff, nurses, teachers etc

The most extreme example I've seen was in Islamabad where the city was built from scratch without thought for where low paid workers would live, so they built a mud slum right at the edge of the city and thousands of people live in squaller. In one slum I visited about 100 hovels had their electric lighting run from a single cable connected to a street lamp, they'd dug their own trench across the pavement to the lamp...

  sunnystaines 14:54 28 Oct 2010

if people are working or severly disabled that they cannot work they should be a special case but as for layabouts i have no time for them.

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