Household Insurance

  laurie53 14:58 23 Mar 2009

My household insurance is due this month and I thought for once that I would have look at some of the offers that have been coming through the door (how do they know I’m due to renew? I’m sure my own insurance company doesn’t tell them.).

Three years ago I dropped my camera and after excess the cost to my insurance company was £79. That’s the only claim in 15 years or so, and the company didn’t impose any penalties as a result.

The half dozen companies I contacted were all nationally advertised and well known companies, one of which has my wife’s bank account, and another one which has mine, and yet another which has our mortgage.

Not one was prepared to quote as I’d had a claim in the last three years.

Now I know they have to be careful with their risks, and I would have been prepared for an increased premium, but a total refusal? It’s a good job motor insurers don’t insist on a minimum of three years (one or two of them quoted five) claim free before even quoting.

As it happens my current company remains very competitive anyway so they'll be retaining my business.

  Clapton is God 15:07 23 Mar 2009

"how do they know I’m due to renew?"

Have you ever used price comparison websites in the past?

  perpetual motion 15:13 23 Mar 2009

laurie53 i know exactly what u mean as it stands now we have no contents insurance cause i cant get a decent quote that includes my pc, ive insured my pc for £2K that includes lots of genuine software like Vista Ultimate 64(Full retail) & office 2007 Pro & my insurance goes up by £380 per year IF i include my pc.? maybe there is a suggestion some of you might make cause im not good with this area..

  crosstrainer 15:13 23 Mar 2009

After years with the same (RSA) company, just sigining the renewal each year, I decided to look around at the end of last year.

Best deal with £50 cashback was with the Halifax.

Two day's later they were taken over by (you guessed it) Lloyds TSB, who were my previous insurer anyway, and hold my accounts.

You can't win :))

  tullie 16:41 23 Mar 2009

I rang my insurance company regarding pc equipment,and was informed it was part of my contents insurance.

  crosstrainer 16:43 23 Mar 2009

I got my laptop covered in and out of the house as an inclusive part of the new policy....Now retired, I rarely take it away from home :((

  carver 17:55 23 Mar 2009

Just looked at my house insurance and the only thing that I've had to insure separately is a 150 year old French clock, the rest is covered up to £2.500.00 per item.

Who are you with at the moment.

  Noels 18:11 23 Mar 2009

I have used the same two insurance firms for years. One for our cars and another for our house and contents insurance. I stick with tthese firms because I believe they are good reliable and provide comprehensive cover. Beware changing to a cheaper company, they are not usually as comprehensive when you read the small print.
What I have done over the last three or four years is to phone them up when I receive the invitation to renew my policy and ask if they can better the quote. They have always come back and asked me if I have a cheaper quote from another firm. Which I always have. My insurance companies have always lowered their premiums to match the lower quote.
Its worth talking to them, first making sure you have a lower quote. Hope this helps.

  Forum Editor 18:36 23 Mar 2009

who tend to just let the automatic renewals go ahead as far as insurances are concerned. I don't shop around for household or car insurance because I find it all a bit daunting - easier (and lazier) to go with the flow.

My wife says I should be proactive and look for competitive quotes, but then I don't see her doing it either - we tell each other we're so busy we don't have the time. I guess that means I have no grounds for complaining if I see someone paying a bit less for the same cover.

  laurie53 19:23 23 Mar 2009

"Who are you with at the moment.£

LV, and have been for several years, some of it down to inertia, and some to good service.

  QuizMan 23:00 23 Mar 2009

I know what you mean. I had to put in a subsidence claim 4 years ago and now no-one is interested in quoting. The subsidence was caused by neighbours trees (now removed) and remedial work undertaken. I cannot get it through to the insurance companies that the risk is less now than if they quoted before I was aware of the subsidence issue.

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