A house rewire - any one had one done recently?

  jack 12:12 21 Oct 2010

My 53 year semi is overdue I feel-
So I went in search of a 'leccy' to come and talk and give me an idia of likely cost.
I felt ask around friends and neighbours for a recommendation rather than stick a pin in Yellow pages.
Of any names given only one contacted me- and this morning- He did not show .
Hmm they must all be very busy guys.

So if any of you have had the work done on yer average suburban 3 bed semi
How much did it cost you?

  michaelw 12:27 21 Oct 2010

We had it done a year ago. I chose four local sparks from the official electricians' website which is the safest way to do it. Only two were interested. Apparently it is more lucrative for them to do industrial than domestic. It took two weeks and cost £5k with the finishing vertually ready to decorate. We had it done when we were out of the house on holiday. We are London'ish, but a relative in Liverpool got it done for half that.

  Quickbeam 12:31 21 Oct 2010

Their will be a huge price difference between the electricity company's quote, the electrical contractors quote and the qualified competent self employed sparky's quote. I would prefer the later and buy my own materials so that it's a labour only job, that keeps the bill down. But the choice has to be yours.

  birdface 12:45 21 Oct 2010

Have you tried the council to see if you can get a grant towards it.
I would have thought that half that price would have been right.

[Of any names given only one contacted me- and this morning- He did not show]

You are correct they are usually very busy maybe an emergency elsewhere.
If a one man band sometimes hard to get a hold off.
Two ways of getting it done.
1st they will chace out the the plaster and install it that way which will make large mess.
Or they will put plastic casing down your wall to hide the cable.Not very nice but I would think a lot cheaper.
If the local lad comes recommended I would use him.
Council grants only apply if you have little cash in the bank.The more you have the less of a grant that you get.
I would say your house is about the same age as mine and and my wiring badly needs done.
Its the mess and all the redecorating that needs done that puts me off I should have done it years ago when I was a bit fitter.

  cruiser2 19:17 21 Oct 2010

I rewired my house several years ago. It was built in 1960. It took me several days, doing one room at once. I pulled the new wire through the existing channels using the old wires. I always had the power switched off at the main fuse board and removed the fuses.
I also added extra 13amp sockets including a waterproof one for the back garden and an earthing rod near the main fuse box.
I am not an electrician, but had good advice and diagrams which were easy to follow.
You would now need to have the installation checked by a qualified electrician under new legislation

  Bingalau 20:15 21 Oct 2010

I think "Which Local" is a scheme run by the "Which" magazine recommending tradesmen. That should be helpful. If you need to be a member to have access to that particular scheme and aren't, then find someone who is and check through their magazine. (access might even be available free on t'internet?)

  spuds 00:17 22 Oct 2010

The price would depend on what you want doing and especially where you live, due to local rates.

Screwfix have a various trades forum, including electricians, so you might get some advice there.

Alternatively you could try your local Age Concern or other similar association who would perhaps have an approved trade-persons list. Not sure about your part of the world, but there is an organisation called Care and Repair (area name?) Ltd, who offer free help and advice, plus arrange some local council and other grant work. Your local council would have details if they use this organisation or similar company for grant work.

Not sure if it still applies, but the government had a scheme called 'Stay Put' which was intended to keep people remaining in their own homes, and who were seeking financial help through grant aid. Some councils used a different title to confuse the issue, and your local council might do the same. Worth a check perhaps?.

  jack 09:52 22 Oct 2010

The search continues.

  Simsy 15:50 22 Oct 2010

it depends on many factors, such as size of house, number of rooms, number and quality of fittings, etc.

It also depends on location...

michaelw said it cost £5K. As a ballpark figure, without knowing the details I'd say that was towards the high end for what should be paid for a semi... but it's by no means a figure that makes me jump!

Good luck,



  spuds 16:37 22 Oct 2010

Might give you an idea!.

Just checked with a friend who had their ex-council pre 1950's 3 bedroom house done about twelve months ago. Gang consisted of 2/4 men who pulled the wires through and replaced with new, plus all latest spec fittings. Took approx three days, no dirt, inconvenience and power on where possible, plus inspected by council on completion, due to grant being obtained and given.

Workmen started at 8am prompt and left about 6/7 pm, earlier on last day. Grant was for £2.000.00 in which friend paid £523.47 making total of about £2.523.47. Friend well satisfied due to extra points and sockets, plus garden consumer box provided by workmen at no extra to full invoice quote (pensioners perhaps!).

  skeletal 17:06 22 Oct 2010

We had our 3 bed detached house partly done three years ago (partly because we have an extension that did not need doing). IIRC it was just under £3k

It was absolute hell and took five weeks for the wiring, and many more weeks for me to tidy up. The dirt and inconvenience is impossible to describe.

We arranged it for when my son was away on holiday and then removed furniture from his bedroom (all the cables come into that room and then spread throughout the house; house has concrete floors) in readiness and the bloke did not turn up. Nor the next day, nor the next...

Eventually came but said he was too busy and found someone else (a really nice guy).

Nice guy started, but of course my son came back off hols and we had to make temporary arrangements.

No cable would “pull through” so every socket, wall light, switch etc had to be chased out. Every room had plaster off every wall. The poor chap left to do it himself was having multiple problems and we were in such a mess I ended up doing some of it myself.

I foolishly thought that they would re-plaster, but they didn’t (check out whether they only do wiring, or will also do plastering). I therefore ended up making good all those walls, which took weeks after they had gone.

Finally, three years after starting, I have now completely re-decorated the entire house.

In some ways I wish I had done it myself, but I thought that I might as well get a “professional” in who would be much quicker than me, and by the time I had to pay for the Part P inspection, would not be much more expensive (ha ha to that then!).

So, if you take my advice, either move house to one that has already been done, emigrate, or knock your house down and rebuild it brick by brick incorporating the new wiring...it will be far easier and quicker!


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