House of Horrors

  oresome 18:39 16 May 2007

Anyone see last nights programme?

They placed a fault on a PC and called in a suspect repairman.

The fault was created by dislodging the graphics card. The PC was a high end machine and could be restored to working order by reseating the card.

The machine was taken away for repair following an initial inspection and the owner was later contacted and told the graphics card, memory and PSU had to be replaced, although for some reason there was to be no charge for the PSU.

The perfectly good PSU was replaced for an inferior product as was the graphics card and the machine came back with less memory than it started with.

The same machine was set up again at another house and the same repairman was contacted again.

He recognised the machine on this visit and twigged something was amiss. He made a rapid exit followed by the camera crew. So rapid in fact that he left chunks of his car bumper behind as he manouvered out of the carpark.

  ulrich 19:07 16 May 2007

His nice BMW bumper. His Reg was WIN ME.

  simon_lambert 19:26 16 May 2007

It is awful how people do this, yet it occurs in all practises. I saw a program where an 92 year old woman (actor) rang up the local builders and said there was a leak in her roof when it rained. It was just a line obviously, but the guy, just from standing on the ground, diagnosed the problem as bad roof tiles, when infact they had been fitted professionally a day ago, and were brand new. He also said a few other things were rotton, drainage system was bad, etc, and quoted her £6800 to get it repaired. He was exposed on TV (think it was Watchdog) and he sold his business.

I would like to see more people getting named and shamed on TV, programs such as Conning the Conmen are full of this.

  Totally-braindead 19:39 16 May 2007

My mums got someone coming round Friday afternoon to see a window and I'll be making sure I'm there just to make sure no conning goes on.
Just a precaution as I'm certain 90%+ of all tradesmen are decent people who have no interest in ripping people off.
But better to be safe as the parents are getting on a bit.

  donki 19:49 16 May 2007

Worst i seen was a comapny selling chairs for the elderly, the salesman stayed 3hours till the poor woman didnt know wheather she was coming or going. Dont know how people can live with themselves.

  simon_lambert 22:02 16 May 2007

Incidentally that reminds me: a door to door guy pressured my 80 something year old granddad into buying a contract mobile, he was paying £45 a month for over a year before I put a stop to it. He had only used it twice in that whole time.

  v1asco 23:13 16 May 2007

I called 6 and one turned up. I have had to use him, he has done a great job and been very co-operative.

But I was lucky and I still don't know if I was overcharged.

Still, at least I got someone so can't complain too much.

On the other hand the Guy who cleaned my gutters last uear should have been on house of horrors.

  spuds 23:49 16 May 2007

Trading Standards are always stating that anyone considering having a 'professional' job done, should always obtain at least three or four quotations. Around my area, that nigh on impossible, you are lucky if you can get one person to turn up, never mind about three or more.

We had a roofing job done about twelve months ago. Managed to get two quotations, one was £1250 dearer than the other one for the same work. Both companies had waiting lists of 3 months before they could commence the work.The company that was chosen, turned up two days later that they said they would,even then half way through the job they went missing for a day, because they had a fill-in job to complete.

I think that there should be an automatic rig-fenced warranty on all work undertaken, with provisions for inspections, that anyone in business must comply with as a legal requirement.This will perhaps weed out some of the 'cowboys'.

  spuds 23:51 16 May 2007

Whoops: rig-fenced, should have been ring-fenced.

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