House heating

  Jameslayer 20:59 14 Nov 2010

I currently do not have central heating and I want to put a tempory heater in my room. I am looking for something that issafe to use in my bedroomwere i spend most ofmy time and will be as economical as possible. Anyone got ideas.

Have looked at bar heaters, electric heater, electric and oil heaters.

  Jameslayer 21:00 14 Nov 2010

speakers corner probely the wrong place.

  MAT ALAN 21:02 14 Nov 2010

click here&_$ja=kw:best+room+heater|cgn:UKGOO-HEWAE-PORHE-PORTA%2bBROAD-GENRC%2bBest%20Portable%20Heater|cgid:1573011115|tsid:21620|cn:UKGOO-HEWAE-PORHE-SPART-Portable+Heaters|cid:45073915|lid:1700452374|mt:Broad|nw:search|crid:5847870865
should give you some ideas...

  MAT ALAN 21:03 14 Nov 2010

Please, no mention of tinyURL...

  lotvic 21:29 14 Nov 2010

Your 'click here' seems to work just fine without the extra bit on the end.

  Jameslayer 22:03 14 Nov 2010

im not a member of which so cant read the info

  lotvic 23:16 14 Nov 2010

I'd get one like the B & Q 2000W Convector or Delongi Convector:
1. No noise
2. Thermostat
3. Variable setting
4. Efficient effective fast heating.
5. No fan blowing dust all over.

  lotvic 23:18 14 Nov 2010

Delongi = De Longhi

  Jameslayer 23:59 14 Nov 2010

any idea about running costs? iif i wnat it on for hours at a time?

  lotvic 01:07 15 Nov 2010

I suggest you get one that has a variable setting for 1kW or 2kW cost obviously depends on how much you pay per kWh for your electric. I guess 1kw about 12p per hour of use. That's why you need a thermostat on it so that it cuts out when room temp is reached.

  Strawballs 01:47 15 Nov 2010

In my bathroom I use an oil filled electric radiator 1 or 2 kw with thermostat from The Range at just over £30 click here does not look like they do that one anymore

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