House of Commons pay rise details released

  TopCat® 21:51 03 Aug 2009

Bound to be some mutterings from far and near! TC. click here

  lotvic 23:35 03 Aug 2009

"a rise of about 11%"
I'm doing more than muttering :o]

  Stuartli 00:35 04 Aug 2009

No doubt most MPs will be supporting it to the hilt...:-)

  octal 06:05 04 Aug 2009

Typical, don't do as I do, do as I say.

  Armchair 09:08 04 Aug 2009

The minimum wage is going up from £5.73 to £5.80 in October, IIRC. That's a rise of 1.2%. They're getting 11%, are they? How VERY NICE for them.

  Covergirl 12:50 04 Aug 2009

11% ????? Aren't they regulated ?

Are these the same guys who (allegedly) fiddled their allowances ?

  dagnammit 14:22 04 Aug 2009

Why can't the papers keep quiet.

These pay rises only serve to irritate me. Do they like rubbing it in to the masses that earn a few quid per hour?

No bonus or pay rise for us this year but the CEO got a 28% one taking his income to £1.38million. Pay to the directors went from £4.2mil to £6.5mil in a year.

So meh! I really don't know why I clicked this thread.

  Autoschediastic 15:14 04 Aug 2009

Yet AGAIN sounds like there doing what they want too? i thought we had a change in policy's. with all this ?

  Autoschediastic 15:15 04 Aug 2009

BTW this has come into light in Hull

click here

  Kaacee 19:46 04 Aug 2009

No comment... other than to say why are we surprised?

  Bingalau 21:05 04 Aug 2009

I think I get a rise next year because I will be eighty. Plans to spend it are being made at this very minute. If I add something to it I think I will be able to purchase a first class stamp. Good innit?

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