The hour. BST v GMT

  Diemmess 18:13 26 Oct 2006

Twice almost every year the advantages of GMT over BST are debated.
The result every time is a forgone conclusion with various excuses for not ditching GMT altogether.

Excuses range from farmers who have to get up early in Winter to milk once the hour has gone back.
The few farmers who still have milking herds have always stuck to real time as their beasts do.

RTAs involving children going to school in the dark.
Are statistically along with other road users, more likely to have a serious accident in the dark evening when they are tired.

And so it goes on, year after year. The case to stay with one time standard (BST) all year round fits present social habits far better than the twice annual "changing the clocks"

  season8 18:53 26 Oct 2006

Why not change it to EST[European Standard Time] as those in Brussels want?

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:55 26 Oct 2006

So you would be happy with it not getting light untill after 9:00 in the morning.

  Cymro. 19:12 26 Oct 2006

There was an experiment back about 1968 when it was decided not to change the clocks so it was indeed still dark when the children went to school. This experiment went on for three years. I can`t remember the outcome of that experiment but they did decide to go back to the old way of doing things and adjust the clock twice every year. If you try to get the government to change things now then they will probably just say that it was tried in the late 1960s and it did not work then so it would not work now.
Personally I would just like them to make up their minds to just leave the clocks as they are and not bother to change them twice a year as it is more bother than it`s worth.

  lisa02 21:56 26 Oct 2006

I don't care as long it doesn't change when I'm at work, unless it's forward ;)

  WhiteTruckMan 23:02 26 Oct 2006

Us drivers fortunate enough (if thats the correct phrase) to be saddled with the new digital tachographs have now to work in UTC. From a government website:

"The VU will be set to Universal Time Co-ordinated (UTC) - as another name for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) - all records will be against this time. The visual display will probably be set to the local time, but this will not affect the internal time. What needs to be remembered is that the stored record will be an hour behind in British Summer Time - for example - a driver starts at 0600 (6am), the record will show 0500 (5am). There will be no difference in the winter as we are back to GMT."

So that settles that,then.


  g0slp 08:04 27 Oct 2006

Makes sense not to have something that could be fiddled with for nefarious reasons. At least clock changes are standardised.

What amuses me is that for several years we have been exhorted not to use the abbreviation 'GMT' by various government bodies, but use UTC instead. Here we see a government website using 'GMT'. LOL.

A Time Standard, GMT/UTC, is necessary in several fields, such as navigation. GPS systems are set using UTC, for example. (Yes, you can normally set a display to show local time, but the machine still does its calculations using UTC).

Aviation is another - pilots' log books, certainly up to 5 years ago, required the times to be recorded in UTC - must have caused many folk's brains to work overtime in, for example, the USA. Think about it though; even light aircraft can potentially cross time zones in the course of a flight, so by using one time standard the possibilty of confusion is removed.

Europe operates across 3 time zones, so my guess is that drivers' records are being logged at one standard for similar reasons.

  def90csw 08:12 27 Oct 2006

"The few farmers who still have milking herds have always stuck to real time as their beasts do." Not something you get taught at Sparsholt College or for that matter at The Royal Agricultural College!

  Diemmess 08:49 27 Oct 2006

It's my other half who agitates.
She hates losing an extra hour in the garden.
I wouldn't mind it not getting light until 0900, particularly if that meant it was light until 1730.
Sorry about you Scottish persons, perhaps you could migrate like some birds?
My message timed at 0848 Zulu.

  Cymro. 11:18 27 Oct 2006

There was a time during the war when they even had double summer time. Just think about it, it did not get dark in Scotland till after midnight. No I am not suggesting we go over to that now as I could never put up with such a thing.

  skeletal 15:21 27 Oct 2006

Personally I hate it when the clocks change.

It takes me five and a half months to get used to the new time...


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