Hottest new female guitarist has arrived?

  rickf 10:22 25 Sep 2010

click here

She has been endorsed by Santana as his successor. She's good but there may well be better ones yet to be discovered. Very refreshing to see and hear a young female guitar shredder to challenge male domination in this genre.
Just thought those into guitars here might be interested.

  birdface 10:29 25 Sep 2010

Yes very nice.
And she also plays the guitar very well.

  rickf 10:52 25 Sep 2010

Yes, she plays very very well. Great timing and phrasing.

  Forum Editor 11:48 25 Sep 2010

in New York about a year ago. She was very, very good. She plays both acoustic and electric guitar with equal style.

  rickf 12:03 25 Sep 2010

You're priviledged. he has yet to come to the UK
She certainly has the kind of tone, scale and phrasing like Santana. Just hope she does not come to be known as a clone and manages to establish herself in her own light. Sometimes an endorsement is a curse!!
There are so many out there who are exceptional and I guess Santana's support hepls her get into the limelight. Also endorsed by PRS of course. Great guitars.

  Forum Editor 12:08 25 Sep 2010

She'll be here in due course, I'm sure. Visits to the UK by such people are usually related to an album release.

Her playing style is very relaxed, and she's not a half bad singer. She'll do OK, but with all possible respect we're not talking about a legend in the making here.

  zzzz999 15:30 25 Sep 2010

Can I be sacriligious here and say I find Santana's stuff and this new girls stuff awfully self indulgent and to be truthful, not very entertaining. There, I've said it.

  Forum Editor 15:44 25 Sep 2010

Personally I never could stand Santana's music.

This girl has talent, and when you see her live you realise that she's still working on a style. Female guitarists have a difficult time of it in some ways, and I wish her well.

I think she was the one who played guitar on stage with Michael Jackson in that last film about him.

  Blackhat 16:41 25 Sep 2010

This is her with Michael here

And this is the ‘Beat It’ solo she played at her here

  Clapton is God 09:26 26 Sep 2010

Excellent player but she needs to develop a personal style.

My elder daughter's partner, Dudley, whom I've spoken about before in these Forums click here is off to NAMM 2011 in January.

I'll tell him to look out for her! ;-))

  Pineman100 12:08 26 Sep 2010

Orianthi is clearly a technically brilliant guitarist. But I'd like to see what she can do with introducing some real melody into her work. There's more to music than just a lot of notes (as Emporer Joseph is reputed to have said to Mozart!).

It's interesting to note that the security staff obviously didn't know the girl - she had to wear her backstage pass to be allowed on stage!

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