Hotel Mini-bars

  interzone55 21:07 23 Sep 2009

This weekend Mrs alan14 and myself spent a lovely couple of nights at an up-scale in Harrogate, a late birthday present from a good friend.

I'm more used to guest houses and Premier Inns, so a proper hotel with a bath someone of standard build can get in without applying a liberal coating of butter first was a real treat.

Anyway, there was a mini-bar in the room, which I managed to resist, but I first had a good laugh at the prices - £1 for a mars bar, £1.50 for a packet of "hand cooked" crisps (I prefer mine deep fired), £3.50 for a small bottle of Grolsch etc.

How on earth do they get away with these prices? Banks are getting criticised, with legal action pending, for imposing charges above and beyond costs for overdrafts, so why is it OK for hotels to charge a good 250% of cost in mini-bars?

  tein 21:15 23 Sep 2009

Alan14! having worked in hotels 3/4& 5 stars for over a decade! i can tell you that the prices are expensive & i fully agree with you! this has several factors some which i will tell you, them being:

The price has to reflect on stock that Housekeeping loose on the minibars due to theft like people getting the water bottles & drinking the contents them filling them back up with tap water & putting them back! also the crips's they tend too eat them by opening the bottom up them putting them back in the bars unopened from the top! so they look full!

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Its not all profit to the hotel!

  oresome 21:16 23 Sep 2009

"How on earth do they get away with these prices?"

Most bills are picked up by companies I suspect.

  oresome 21:19 23 Sep 2009

I find the vending machine in the foyer of the Travelodge expensive!

  interzone55 21:22 23 Sep 2009

"Most bills are picked up by companies I suspect."

Not my company - we are only allowed to stay in Premier Inns, or if we stay somewhere else, only the room rate and meals (up to £20 for dinner and £7.50 for breakfast) is covered.

I would suspect that as most companies are seeking to cut as many non-essential costs as possible, they would be looking at extras such as mini-bars and pay TV bills...

  interzone55 21:25 23 Sep 2009

"I find the vending machine in the foyer of the Travelodge expensive!"

I only got caught out once there - I now go prepared, and if a desperate desire for hobnobs strikes there's usually a supermarket in the vicinity...

  tein 21:59 23 Sep 2009

fourm member!

Om my god!!

  SimpleSimon1 22:15 23 Sep 2009

"Most bills are picked up by companies I suspect."

As a consultant, I spend most of my working life on-site and that means in hotels - my company would never pick-up a minibar tab. This has been our policy for the last 15 years and most other consulting companies who staff I know, are the same

From a guests point of view, I would never use a minibar because they are an absolute ripoff. My company are pretty reasonable about expenses and I simply don't want to try and stiff them just because I'm too lazy or unorganised to drop into a supermarket on the way back to pick up drinks and nibbles. Hell, it's not a major exercise to walk to the bar or - out of hours - get room service to send up a drink!

Perhaps you were thinking of bankers :-)

  Bingalau 22:45 23 Sep 2009

I don't know if we are breaking any laws, but whenever our gang stay in a hotel we take a liberal supply of drinks with us. Spirits and beers etc. We always set up our own bar in the biggest room, inevitably someone always gets a bigger room. Then before the evening meal we meet and have a couple of quickies prior to going to the restaurant. The rest of the evening is spent in the hotel bar, or out in the local pub. We have never tried to hide what we do and have never had need to use the room mini bars.

Anyone is allowed to charge whatever they want for goods. It's up to the consumer to decide whether it is worth the price. Obviously some people must pay, otherwise they wouldn't be selling them still.

  Forum Editor 22:58 23 Sep 2009

I have been known to pay $15 for a small bag of cashew nuts - without knowing the price in advance, I hasten to add.

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