Hot cakes, or cold comfort?

  Forum Editor 21:05 17 Oct 2007

Methinks I detect a whiff of panic.

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  youtruth 21:33 17 Oct 2007

Or is it a reaction to the successful work of hackers.

Apple who < " would render the phones "permanently inoperable" when it releases software updates > , now have been brought to book by the threat of skilled hackers.

Ethical hacking, maybe.

  Forum Editor 21:42 17 Oct 2007

you can't hack something that doesn't exist yet. If you read the article in my link you'll realise that it's talking about iPhones being opened to third-party software development, which is a different subject altogether.

  youtruth 21:55 17 Oct 2007

That's exactly my point.

Apple didn't change direction because of the goodness of their own heart.

They knew that hackers were removing the nasty little Apple restrictions from the phones and then taking the initiative by writing new applications for the phone.

Apple responds by grabbing some of the action and with others coming in from the cold.

  Si_L 23:40 17 Oct 2007

Is that similar to what Firefox do? And Linux?

I know for Firefox, it works a treat, there are lots of add-ons that I have found useful in the past.

  LastChip 00:02 18 Oct 2007

Apple has got an awful lot right, but the iPhone - particularly for the European market, I don't think so.

There is no doubt it will sell, but not in the quantities needed to make it viable. The competition over here is just too fierce, with better options at less cost.

  spuds 02:15 19 Oct 2007

When I saw the title and panic, I was thinking that winter had arrived.(Sorry)

  crosstrainer 09:48 19 Oct 2007

Getting text after text from o2 "inviting" me to upgrade to an iphone...What??? from an XDA? I don't think so. The XDA has much more functionality than the iphone. Panic is right. Far from being an upgrade, this would be a huge step down!

  anskyber 09:59 19 Oct 2007

I smile a little when the Apple fraterity complain openly about the influence of Microsoft and the suggested control freakery of that company.

I smile because Apple have engaged on one of the biggest control exercises imaginable with the iPhone. This staggeringl;y narrow interpretation by Apple of their interests seems to me and others to be a recipe for a less successful product rather than more.

For me it does have a whiff of panic when faced with the truth about their earlier decisions. I cannot agree with youtruth about the decision flowimg from the hackers intervention. I do agree that the hackers have shed light on the original Apple decision and perhaps as a result hastenned the turn around.

  anskyber 10:01 19 Oct 2007

oops, rubbish spelling in my post above.

  crosstrainer 10:03 19 Oct 2007

Think that o2 may feel they have shot themselves in the foot over this....What sensible individual would downgrade from a windows mobile, wi-fi enabled, sat nav included xda to a basic "bling" for the same £40.00 per month?

Perhaps they are not shifting as many as they thought :)

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