Hostages to be freed

  Jak_1 14:42 04 Apr 2007

Iran has just announced that our Sailors and Royal Marines are to be released unconditionally. A gesture of goodwill and a gift to Britain.

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Good news indeed.

  Phphred 14:46 04 Apr 2007

Next the Court Martial

  Jak_1 14:50 04 Apr 2007

If you have nothing constructive to say, then say nothing. That way you stay out of trouble!

  jack 14:53 04 Apr 2007

Do we get the boats back?
They snitched the others last time.
One way to get free kit I guess.

  Sapins 15:00 04 Apr 2007

What trouble is Phphred in then? I think he may be referring to the commander of the British frigate who either decided not to defend his troops or he was instructed not to defend them, either way we should be told the truth, which of course we never will be.

  Phphred 15:04 04 Apr 2007

Jak1:It's The RN who is in trouble I should think! A) Either one of the Lords of the Admiralty or B) The Commande of HMS Cornwall!!

  Jak_1 15:10 04 Apr 2007

For what reason, doing their job! Do you have insider information to make you think a Court Martial is approprate? Do you know how things are conducted in the Royal Navy?
Pray tell why you think there should be a Court Martial.

  Phphred 15:10 04 Apr 2007

Thanks Sapins I did not have your post showing when I was writing mine, but I am quite sure that there will be a Court Martial!!

  Phphred 15:23 04 Apr 2007

A Court martial will help to stop the same type of incident happening again stop a drain of money,time, and diplomatic effort. I don't know which person is in the wrong, but certainly if the Commander of HMS Cornwall was following implicit orders, then it should be the bloke who gave him those orders i.e. probably one of the Sea Lords, and if you can;t work that out after being twenty- four years in the Andrew then God help us all!

  riiverstock 15:32 04 Apr 2007

..then next the Court Jester.

  Jak_1 15:33 04 Apr 2007

You still give no reason for a Court Martial. Do you have proof that anyone either on Cornwall or the Admiralty have done anything to warant a Court Martial.

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