Hospitals "Competitive"?

  morddwyd 07:23 25 Feb 2011

Hospitals need "to adapt and change to remain competitive"

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I'm all for a market economy, but hospitals competitive?

What are they, supermarkets, car showrooms?

The logical result of successive governments' obsession with targets and league tables I suppose.

  john 52 08:57 25 Feb 2011

I think the key words are "Private sector take-overs" and " may end up with private companies running them"despite previous efforts to run the NHS into the ground which luckily failed but as they say there is more than one way to skin a rabbit is this just another back door way to privatize our hospitals .

  morddwyd 09:02 25 Feb 2011

"consultants who view patients the same way as a joiner views a plank of wood "

As something that needs careful handling and treatment to return it to something like it was as a tree, contributing to life and the well being of society.

  john 52 09:04 25 Feb 2011
  dororof 09:21 25 Feb 2011

"adapt".."market economy"..."competitive".."supermarkets"..,each step appears to lead to an unfortunate solution.All institutions are in competition for diminishing resources,maybe fundamentally altering the way they operate.
In respect to the NHS,it's founding ethos is increasingly under threat,Con/Lib (Dem),Labour makes no difference.Harsh decisions, in a climate of fiscal uncertainty, demands that they are taken.
Tesco merging with NHS...survival strategy!?
Can we afford a "free" NHS.??
League table's and "targets" are merely a public 'sop' to decades of political inaction.

  dororof 09:42 25 Feb 2011

Labour = Gershon ..thumbs up,champagne for lunch.
Con/lib (small because they are not in charge)..=Gershon..thumbs down,still champagne for lunch.
A case of checkmate..or, as usual from both sides..cheque mate.£££££££
Nice sentiment.The NHS is infected by a deep seated socio-political inertia that only radical surgery can remedy.
Unlike Cher..we can't "Turn back time".

  spuds 09:55 25 Feb 2011

If we are talking about the NHS becoming private, then perhaps we only need to look at some of the private services being provided to the NHS on a daily basis. Cleaning, food, purchasing and an whole host of other items. Then think how the NHS is fairing there. Perhaps profits before anything else might be worth a thought?.

I have a friend who is a union rep at our local hospital trust. According to him, there is never a week that goes bye, that he becomes involved with a dispute regarding possible management bullying or pressures on some of his members. Some of his members will not even report the problems, because they are in fear of losing their low paid job.

I suppose it the old case, of 'you have to be in it to see it', and competitive is just a worded by-product that covers many things or situations?.

  birdface 09:57 25 Feb 2011

Just out of Hospital and I can say the ward I was in was kept spotless.
The staff wonderful as usual.
The doctor poor or incompetent and another bodged up opperation.
It must be costing my hospital quite a lot for a relatively easy operation that so far has not been completed.
This has been going on for 5-6 years and they have still not done it properly.
If all hospitals are like that you can see why the NHS spend so mutch.

  jakimo 13:29 25 Feb 2011

GPs in recent years have been able to offer patients a limited choice in what hospital your procedure may be carried out, finding out the success rate of a surgeon in a shiny new hospital is proving to be difficult,so you may do better in your old local one.
As you say the sooner the better.

  michaelw 15:53 25 Feb 2011

Competition has always been a healthy way in which improvements can be made, whether it's a person or a business or an organisation. It's a principle schools have always used to educate children.

Judging by my own, and my brother's, recent experiences with the imcompetance of the NHS, that institute is well beyond it's use by date. If this it what it takes to give them a jolly good shakeup then I'll all for it.

  john 52 16:49 25 Feb 2011

And privatization just like the cleaning services is the solution then .

The success of the utilities and railways are shinning lights as to the way forward to make things more competitive ! I do not think so . I am sorry your experience of the NHS has not been good but many many people have nothing but praise for it and are very grateful to the care they receive

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