Horses fouling roads

  Colin 12:47 10 Jun 2008

Whilst out driving last night I came across two separate lots of horse riders. As usual, I slowed down and gave them a wide berth and received an acknowledgement from the riders. However, on my return past the same places, various parts of the road were covered in horse dump, (to put it politely). They were both on corners of the road which could have caused a car to skid or a motorcyclist to lose control. I know that it is illegal for dog owners to let their dogs foul the highway, but what is the situation with horses? I don’t expect them to bag it up and take it home, but moving it to the side of the road would at least have been courteous.

  The Brigadier 13:03 10 Jun 2008

My wife carries a bucket & spade in her car for this exact thing.
An excellent way to keep the roses growing.

In fact the local riding stables has no trouble in getting rid of muck.

  interzone55 14:04 10 Jun 2008

Horse poo is not dangerous, because they're herbivores their output is totally organic.

Dog poo on the other hand is quite nasty and harbors some very dangerous bacteria.

Whilst it's not a pretty sight, you won't catch anything from horse manure, especially from the safe confines of your car...

  jimv7 14:05 10 Jun 2008

Well said The Brigadier, its all part of country life.

  newman35 14:08 10 Jun 2008

Surely the point you missed was the danger, especially to bikers, farmers can be prosecuted if their tractors leave mud on the highway - what's the difference? (and I don't mean between manure and mud!).

  NewestRoyWidd1 14:17 10 Jun 2008

Well said newman35,as a biker I'm always wary of riding where horses are likely to be or have been.
It seems,and I'm generalising now,to be the usual attitude of most people towards bikers.They don't realise just how vulnerable we are to such hazards on the road.
As the annual poster campaign puts it:"Think Bike!"

  Confab 14:22 10 Jun 2008

Horse manure can contain tetanus bacteria spores – pretty dangerous if your jabs are not up to date.

  newman35 14:28 10 Jun 2008

Thanks, it's more years than I can remember since getting the leg over my Dominator 99, but I still appreciate the hazards of two wheels.

  NewestRoyWidd1 14:40 10 Jun 2008

click here take a look at this newman35,hope it brings back happy memories!

  €dstowe 14:52 10 Jun 2008

Living in the depths of the countryside, as I do, I see lots and lots of horses ranging from Thelwell-type ponies to expensive race horses. Never is there any stray horse poo (truffles) to be seen there are gardens full of prize winning blooms, though.

  peter99co 15:24 10 Jun 2008

I used to curse when on parade if the Police Horses left markers for us to follow on Rememberance Day.

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