Horizon programme tonight 9pm

  VNAM75 18:57 01 May 2007

Just read about it on the TV guide about a multi $billion experiment to recreate the conditions that immediately followed the Big Bang. But there is a minute chance, 50m to 1, that it could create a black hole which will drag everything into an unknown dimension. Interesting.

  Forum Editor 19:57 01 May 2007

and find I'm in an aircraft, and for a moment or two I forget where I'm going - so I probably won't notice much if the experiment goes wrong.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:58 01 May 2007

We will not have to worry about global warming if that happens.

  johndrew 20:04 01 May 2007

Or anything else!!!!!!!!

  missingit 20:19 01 May 2007

Hear Hear.
I can remember watching it years ago and not having a clue what some of the programs were about.
Interesting nonetheless.

  spikeychris 21:53 01 May 2007

A proper documentary strand? Did you watch it?

  jack 08:18 02 May 2007

The making of programs of this type must be a nightmare. Make it too technical and lose the majority of the audience make it too 'populist'
and lose the majority of the audience- how can the producers make such an esoteric concept digestible to Joe public?
I did watch it., and found it quite absorbing, but some of the posers ,gave rise to some strange ideas in my mind.
For example, if and when the very very outer edge of 'Universe' is found - when then?
What will be the next discovery?
Want to know what I think--Well I'll you
It will be the very very outer edge of the Big-Bang[Universe] next door.

  egapup 08:28 02 May 2007

I watched it, very interesting but did they say when the experiment was taking place??

  johndrew 09:53 02 May 2007

Having watched the programme, I know the advertising was pure hype with regard to black holes; although they were mentioned in passing.

Overall I found the content interesting from both a historical and scientific viewpoint; not that some of the latter was a bit beyond my level of science - sub-atomic physics is not something I am familiar with.

The actual `experiment` later this year should be very interesting indeed and the results, provided they are couched in reasonable terms, should grab everyones` attention.

  medicine hat 14:02 02 May 2007

Damn, it sounds like my kind of programme. Is it going to be repeated soon, BBC3 perhaps? Wasn't there also something on C5 about "Angels & Demons" - did that go into antimatter?

  Weskit 18:30 02 May 2007

I watched it, couldn't make out what they were going to learn, and the mind boggles at the immense cost, who is paying for it? All this talk about seeing galaxies as they were at the dawn of time, makes me wonder whether they are, in fact, still there or whether the universe ended a long time ago...

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