ulrich 21:18 07 May 2008

If you were not there at least you watched BBC2 at 8'oclock this evening. Mr Clarkson speaking for some of us.

  Covergirl 21:19 07 May 2008

. . . and he said . . . ?

  MAT ALAN 21:22 07 May 2008

it would be simpler to make your point, i have no idea what you are talking about and i have a strange feeling i will not be on my own...Hopefully

  newman35 21:28 07 May 2008

Come on - give us a clue what you're talking about.

  Legolas 21:32 07 May 2008

Oh I do like a good mystery ;)

  Covergirl 21:32 07 May 2008

You were obviously the only one who watched it.

Please elucidate.

Post a link.

Is it on BBCi and if so what's the title ?

  Covergirl 21:35 07 May 2008

Ready Steady Cook ?

Clifford the big red dog ?

Charlie and Lola ?

  Covergirl 21:36 07 May 2008

Naaah - lost interest now. Zzzzzz.....

  MAT ALAN 21:56 07 May 2008

click here's+heroes+at+St+Paul's+pageant/article.do

so why not post a link that is relative instead of, and what a lot of other people seem to be doing lately, cluttering forum pages with pointless plugs that nobody understands... mini rant over...

  MAT ALAN 21:58 07 May 2008

click here

sorry guys this will better describe whats going on...

  wiz-king 22:04 07 May 2008

Please elucidate with a link or explain yourself better. To me the name Clarkson means a boreing no brain motor mouth who I try to avoid at all cost. If this is not the one to whom you refer sorry.

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