Hoone\Beckett|Flint Resign

  jakimo 17:48 05 Jun 2009

Labour loses seats all over the country in local elections .conservatives would have a majority if it were a general election,yet Brown insists that he is still the right man for the job

  Kevscar1 18:05 05 Jun 2009

The only question is what job is he the right man for.

  Bapou 18:26 05 Jun 2009

I watched GB's press conference on BBC News, he sounded like the contestants being interviwed by Sir Alan Sugar. All waffle and no substance.

I was expecting him at any time to tell us he had a scholarship for Sandhurst.

No wonder GB is thinking of bringing Sir Alan into the Lords, he must be applying for a job in the very near future.

  Stuartli 18:39 05 Jun 2009

GB opened by telling journalists he wasn't arrogant, before going to to declare that he wasn't going to stand down, was the right man for the job and was always taking the right decisions.

Meanwhile his party was experiencing a Mike Tyson style knock out in the local elections and will probably do even worse in the Euro equivalent; in between he was losing MPs and Ministers almost by the hour.

Sadly the man still just doesn't get it.

  jakimo 15:24 06 Jun 2009

I could not help laughing when a No.10 member of staff allegedly added a bit of humour by saying that those who had resigned left by the back door.except for Hazel Blears who left by the cat flap

  peter99co 16:17 06 Jun 2009

Hoone\Beckett|Flint Resign

Have they? Or you wish they would.

  newman35 16:35 06 Jun 2009

Sad to say Ms Flint has done women little good with her rant about being 'just for show'.
To say that she supports Brown and is not resigning, then 24 hrs later to do just that (and blame it all on her 'being a woman') simply smacks of spoiled child syndrome.

If a man were in that position would he cry "it's because I'm a man, you don't like me, boo hoo"?

She had already reached a level in her career that most men would be satisfied with achieving (at that age), but she throws a tantrum when she doesn't get more - pathetic!

  ened 17:49 06 Jun 2009

In that press conference he repeated the assertion that he wasn't arrogant so many times I think he was just trying to convince himself.

There was nothing 'Right for the Country' about yesterday's events.

There was nothing 'Right for the Labour Party'!

In reality there was nothing 'Right for Gordon Brown'!

He has completely lost control at a time when the Country needs professional help.

He is right: he is not arrogant - He is desperate!

He has plotted and schemed to attain his office for many years. Now he has it he has found it to be out of his depth!

But having strived for so long he is going to milk every day he can and ,if he isn't stopped, the Election will not come before the very last possible date!

  Bingalau 18:44 06 Jun 2009

Perhaps I am in a minority here, but I don't think it is Gordon Brown's fault that we have a world recession. He succeeded in getting in to office in the worst financial crisis the world has seen since the 1930's. Everybody's blaming him for something that is clearly not his fault. Other countries are far worse off than we are. That smarmy Conservative leader would only make matters worse. I think that given time this country will come out of it stronger than ever.

Anyway if you stand back and watch the people of this country spending money, you would think "What financial crisis"? I've just been watching them spend in ASDA and you would think there was no tomorrow.

  newman35 18:59 06 Jun 2009

Yes, I had read the letter in full.

But it still shows she left in a fit of pique; how on earth could she be giving fulsome praise and yet,a day later, suddenly want out?

"His background and upbringing say he doesn't think women do 'proper' jobs."

A gigantic leap of assumptions here, surely, (particularly as backgrounds and upbringing don't usually verbalise!).

  newman35 19:07 06 Jun 2009

Never voted Labour, but, like yourself, I feel this guy got a bad deal in that 'events, dear boy, events' were his undoing.

No politician can be individually blamed for world events, and let's be honest, TB was infinitely cleverer when it came time to choose the handover - poisoned chalice wasn't in it!

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