honours system

  n4165si 15:28 06 Sep 2006

do you think the present system used by the government also that enables them to sell or give high honours to undeserving people should be scrapped? after all they are still dishing out empire medals and i thought that we had given that away years ago

  wee eddie 16:12 06 Sep 2006

If it floats your boat. Why not!

Although why one should give deference to anyone, with the word Lord/Lady in front of his/her name, quite defeats me.

Now, Medals for Valour or Service beyond the Call of Duty are another matter.

  Diemmess 16:45 06 Sep 2006

Another very real perk is to appoint your party friends to a ministerial job and for them the money just rolls in.
Back in Wilson's government the jibe levelled at him was that he did just this.
I doubt if any government since has behaved differently.

The "Yes minister" reality takes over and each sub division has its own pyramid of civil servants who remain empire building regardless of who is in power.

I looked at Dept of Health dot gov the other day and under Ministers, I think I counted 97 from the Secretary of State at the top to the least assistant parliamentary under secretary!

Is it any wonder that there is real trouble afoot with so many bean counters drawing salaries from limited NHS budgets.

  johndrew 16:47 06 Sep 2006

`to sell`

Illegal, that is why the Met. Police have interviewed certain fund raisers under caution (one was arrested).

As for the system itself, well it is part of our history and if you went for the type of modernisation that some people want we would be just another state like Russia, USA or France. Depends on what you want, personally I am happy with it as it is provided we can get rid of the corruption.

As for `undeserving people` it is down to definition and point of view, a bit like `freedom fighter` vs. `terrorist` really.

  Al94 17:18 06 Sep 2006

It was certainly in the eye of this beholder!! click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:19 06 Sep 2006

Doesn't bother me. If people want to cough up cash for an extra few letters before or after their name so what. same with car reg.nos., if people want to pay £thousands for everyone to know their intials then sobeit ther eis no earthly reason why anyone would need to know my initials. I'm afraid honours or titles have never impressed me, it is the character of the person, something that cannot be bought.


  wee eddie 21:40 06 Sep 2006

Nice bloke, very down to earth and genreous with his time. Always used to complain that it upset him because people got upset if he didn't leave a big Tip.

  anskyber 21:50 06 Sep 2006

A matter of complete indifference to me, the honours system is simply a hangover from our medieval past.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:12 06 Sep 2006

if for no other reason than as an official pat on the back for people who have done something special, like doling out gongs to emergency service workers etc, who do brave things, and so forth. They dont cost a lot and public & official recognition can be its own reward.


  oresome 23:01 06 Sep 2006

The problem I see is not the letters or titles bestowed on people, but the influence that the wealthy have over politicians.

Democracy is one person one vote, but the votes aren't equally weighted.

  Forum Editor 23:58 06 Sep 2006

which contain allegations that honours are sold by the government, or by anyone else, for that matter.

By all means discuss the honours system, and whether it should remain or be scrapped, but stay away from direct accusations of corruption connected with its administration.

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