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  Spark6 23:43 03 Jul 2009

or maybe not!

Yesterday morning I took my car along to the local garage for its MOT. Garage was busy and arranged to pick it up after lunch. Nice day, would be able to enjoy the walk both ways.

On my way back to the garage, on the pavement of the High Street, I found a small ladies handbag outside a small restaurant. Taking the bag into the garage office I informed the staff that if anyone enquired about it they should contact the local police station. The bag contained what appeared to be a considerable sum of money.

The receipt from the police confirms the bag contained £229.08 together with three cards. I'm surprised that no-one has contacted me with their thanks, more than 24 hours later, maybe it's just me. What do you think?

  dagnammit 23:56 03 Jul 2009

At work I found a purse in the carpark... of course I brought in to be recorded in lost property. Lots of cash and cards, anyway a lady collected it and insisted on giving me a fiver.... 1. Company doesn't allow staff to accept gifts from customers. 2. I wouldn't take it anyway. She wouldn't take my polite refusal so I suggested she deposit in the charity box on the customer service desk. That she did.

I'm happy it got back to it's owner, owner's happy and a charity got a couple of quid.

  dagbladet 23:58 03 Jul 2009


at my quiet village local yesterday half a dozen youths (strangers) arrived, shorts, no vests/t-shirts, ordered lagers, proceeded to sit on the floor drinking their beers, having a fag, playing their music on their phones, for about an hour, before wandering off towards the fields. Much grinding of teeth from the regulars as to the 'invasion' of the 'undesirables'. I walked to my car (to get my fags) and found a wallet right where they had just been sitting, opened the wallet, full of usual credit, debit phone, oyster, cards, and about 60-70 quid in cash. Driving licence clearly showed a photo of one of the youths, I shouted across the fields and he came back. Skinhead, 19-20, tattoos, brash and confident. Gave him his wallet, he couldn't thank me enough, called his crowd back, gave them a quick spiel about honesty and not pre-judging 'old farts' or something. He offered me £20, I didn't take it, offered me £10, I didn't take it, asked me what I was drinking, I said a pint would be fine. Youths left. Later went back for another pint, landlady said skinhead had put £20 behind the bar for me. He never even told me.

  Forum Editor 00:52 04 Jul 2009

with their thanks, more than 24 hours later"

Did it occur to you that perhaps the owner has no idea that the bag is at a police station?

You did a good thing - the right thing. Now it's between the owner and the police.

  spuds 01:00 04 Jul 2009

The point to consider is that some people do not bother to make a report or claim a 'lost' item.

Don't know if the same rule applies nowadays, but the finder could claim the item after 14/21 days if the owner had not already claimed it. That is of course, if the 'would you like' box had been ticked on the lost and found forms.

A number of years ago, I was involved with a street cleaner who made regular finds in his allocated area. Any unclaimed items were either sent for auction or placed in the charity box, as the street cleaner was not allowed to accept rewards.

  Quickbeam 08:30 04 Jul 2009

Does Scottish law still entitle the finder to a 10% reward?

I found a 10' note in my Gran's Highland village in the '60s and handed it in, the next thing I knew was when the local policeman found the owner (would they bother to investigate that now?) and I was given a bob reward.

Glossary for young 'uns:
10' = 10 bob
1 bob = 1 shilling
20 Bob or shillin' t' pound
8 half crowns t' pound
10 florins t' pound
240 peneth t' pound

  Kevscar1 08:38 04 Jul 2009

You missed off the Farthings.

  Bingalau 08:45 04 Jul 2009

And the ape knees.

  Quickbeam 08:56 04 Jul 2009

960 farthings = 1 pound
480 half pennies = 1 pound
240 pennies = 1 pound
40 sixpences = 1 pound
20 shillings = 1 pound
10 florins = 1 pound
8 half crowns = 1 pound
4 crowns = 1 pound
2x 10' notes = 1 pound
1x £1 note = a fortune in 1966

Don't dare to mention groats!

  Quickbeam 08:57 04 Jul 2009

80 threpenny/thrupenny bits = 1pound...

  [email protected] 09:02 04 Jul 2009

a good few years back now i found a wallet in a pub toilet, it had some money and cards in it and the guys address, i took it round the bloke grabbed it didn't say a word a slammed the door in my face!
about a month later i lost mine and never saw it again.
next time it's finders keepers, this wound me up for weeks, it wont next time..

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