Honda pull out of Formula one

  Belatucadrus 00:39 05 Dec 2008

click here Now I know they've not exactly troubled the leader board of late, but they were one of the best funded teams and it makes you wonder who's next. With car sales in free fall I doubt they'll be the only car manufacturer pulling the plug. Are the wheels about to come off the Ecclestone gravy train ? Are some of those extremely well paid drivers about to find themselves in a price war for diminishing seats ?

  Si_L 01:29 05 Dec 2008

Not too surprised really, they spent a couple of hundred million last season and what did they get in return - 14 points.

Hope they find a buyer though, if other teams follow the route of Super-Aguri and Force India, and now (hopefully not) Honda, we will be seeing every car that posts a time getting points!

  Belatucadrus 01:43 05 Dec 2008

click here Force India still appear to be up and running with plans to be there with the same drivers in 2009.

  Si_L 01:56 05 Dec 2008

My bad, dunno why I thought they weren't, maybe its because, like Super Aguri, they didn't pick up any points! Or maybe its the early hours of the morning and I should be getting some shut eye. Probably the latter.

  canarieslover 10:00 05 Dec 2008

What do you expect when the Tzars of F1 have indicated that they want 'one engine for all' to be the next generation. No self respecting car manufacture is going to run a team with someone else's engine in it. With the favouritism that appears to be the norm in F1 I should think that the engine will probably be Ferrari based to keep the red cars in. I certainly couldn't see Ferrari running with ,say, a Ford engine.

  donki 10:39 05 Dec 2008

I stopped watching F1 many years ago as I just didnt find any enjoyment in it any more. You have 2-3 teams with any real competitive ability and the rest are their to make up the numbers.

  Noldi 11:35 05 Dec 2008

What you have to realise is Honda where completely alone funding this team with no sponsors to back them up. I think BMW and Mercedes are feeling the pinch but have sponsor backing. Ferrari is special case with their marketing worldwide they build fast cars they race fast cars. The next one to worry me is Toyota, Ok they have sponsors but if they have enough pressure on the board in Japan they could follow. Some feel sorry for Button but after all the stunts he pulled a few years ago on Frank Williams then maybe its justice.


  spuds 11:49 05 Dec 2008

This is going to be a major problem for all sports sponsorships. The sponsors are not going to have the excess funds available. In the case of finance houses or any other 'funded' business, the governments or public are not going to be very pleased, if any bail-out or 'tight' money is being spent on corporate jollies.

Even the London Olympics are suffering major cut-backs, or so it would seem ;o)

  oresome 11:59 05 Dec 2008

I'd never really given it any thought, but I was surprised to learn this morning that pulling out would result in the loss of 800 jobs.

A sizeable enterprise to race a couple of cars.

  Quickbeam 13:10 05 Dec 2008

Maybe F1 could do with an austerity season to put things back into reality click here

  The Brigadier 13:12 05 Dec 2008

So Button paid Williams to let him stay at Honda.
Honda now pull out & leave Button without a drive for 2009.
Doubt Button will get a drive now for 2009 in a decent team!

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