Home printing, a change happening now - this year ?

  Diemmess 17:00 31 Dec 2011

Prediction for 2012

Gazing in my Crystal Ball - All-in-one inkjets will keep most happy with their correspondence, but I think the mid range printer will soon cease to appeal to the Happy Snapper.

Top of the range inkjet printers may still appeal to printers for special commercial work.

I awoke to this idea when asking among friends who take their hobby seriously, and found they use the photo services anyone can find on the net and seem to grade the product very good to excellent. They claim that the services are not expensive and the results are in most cases superior to their own efforts. They get their kicks from fiddling with Photoshop and later mounting if they are that good.

I only asked because I use a mono laser for routine and realise my aged Epson Photo printer will still do for occasional really urgent stuff. So this Christmas' family snaps are in the post, on their way back to me.

  john bunyan 17:18 31 Dec 2011

For family snaps etc I use Photoshop (CS5) to crop, improve (anti red eye etc). I keep on my PC copies at A4 size, 300dpi in case I want to print myself, but mostly I reload the ones I want on to a SD card and take them to ASDA - very cheap, ok for snaps. I do print some on a Canon MP640 using Canon ink and Staples paper , with good results. I am sure there are "quality" print houses on the net.

  Diemmess 17:49 31 Dec 2011

The digital camera improved so rapidly. Few would have thought it would eclipse the film camera in so short a time. I think something similar may happen with printers. A cheap basic printer for home use and otherwise leave it to the professionals

My serious friend uses ProAm. Ordered 20 A4 prints, delivered 18hrs after ordering. He described them as superb. Small prints are 15p a throw plus £5 minimum 1st next day delivery. Various top specs including the special paper etc etc.

My son uses Snapfish, small prints are 9p and offers at present the first 20 free. I had to pay 99p postage.

  hssutton 18:23 31 Dec 2011

I have an excellent photo printer, the Canon MG6150 which I use for a quick print if required and also for my daughters greeting cards, but for serious prints such as 16"x12" or larger I use Photobox. excellent quality and price and depending on time of order will be delivered the next day

  morddwyd 20:11 31 Dec 2011


I seem to recall that you're a pro, or semi pro.

I'd be interested to know what editing software you use?

I think you probably told me this in a previous thread, but I have forgotten.

  Bingalau 21:16 31 Dec 2011

Virgin Cable Broadband give an unlimitedd amount of free prints if you are on their top deal. I think it is "snapfish" that they use. I don't take enough photo's to be bothered trying the service but I may do so later this year to test them.

  hssutton 23:25 31 Dec 2011


I've been retired quite a few years now, so only take photos as an hobby.

I use Adobe lightroom to convert from raw and to organise my photos and Adobe CS5 to edit my photos.

  rdave13 23:36 31 Dec 2011

hssutton cheaper at ASDA then ;)

  wiz-king 08:27 01 Jan 2012

Not such a big change. I used to take all my 'snaps' on 35mm transparency film and develop it myself, prints up to 10" x 8" were done in my own darkroom with limited adjustments made with dodgers and filters. Then I went digital - a whole new world opened up called Photoshop - I can print up to A4 sized prints on my inkjet or laser printers, anything over that or for large quantities of prints I just drop a disk in to my local Jessops and pick up the prints later.

  morddwyd 09:17 01 Jan 2012


Many thanks

  SparkyJack 11:04 01 Jan 2012

No mention[I think] is that Inkjet prints are subject to early degradation- so for snap shots fine.

But for permanent storage/life then a processing 'shop' is better as these are 'Photo Prints' in the true sense of the phrase- '

I find that my Colour laser gives acceptable prints on on a good quality matt laser paper and then laminated.

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