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  Quickbeam 09:00 11 Jun 2014

what a nightmare! Comparing that is.

My current combined building and contents insurance, new for old, bells and whistles cover etc is £41pm with the indefatigable Pru. Yet according to Money Supermarket dot com, the AA can offer just as good cover for a tenner a month with various others priced up to the Pru's price.

Is this too good to be true?

  carver 09:10 11 Jun 2014

Sometime NO, I'm with Saga and home and buildings cost me (or should cost me) £287 a year but they have a price promise so this year it came down to £202.

The problem with AA is sometimes they can be a bit slow dealing with claims and you will find that next year they go up in price.

But that's next year and you can shop around again then, that's what I do every year,sod customer loyalty, just get the best deal for the best price and don't be afraid to use them against each other.

  BT 09:13 11 Jun 2014

I've had mine with SAGA for a number of years now along with my Car and Pet insurance. Can't remember the exact amount without rooting out the paperwork but I'm sure it was only around £200 for the year for Buildings and Contents.

I don't like the AA as the last time I went on the comparison sites to check on Car insurance they bombarded me with phone calls for ages afterwards and the Tenner you quote is a 'get you hooked' quote and will be considerably more next time round.

  Quickbeam 09:21 11 Jun 2014

The vast majority are priced at around £20pm and I am inclined to use a well known reputable home insurer rather than a band wagon one.

I'm also looking at various boiler, plumbing etc insurance and would ideally like to have everything on one reputable policy for the sake of simplicity.

  Quickbeam 09:26 11 Jun 2014

Saga... Hmmmm....

There's something of a psychological barrier to surmount there!

Maybe at going on 58 I should now take that hurdle in my next stride;-)

  Woolwell 09:26 11 Jun 2014

There are a number of introductory offers whereby the first year is much cheaper. I regard service and response as being more important than price.

  carver 09:34 11 Jun 2014

Quickbeam It's not then end of the world being with Saga, look at it from the point of view that now you have matured you can take advantage of a better offer from a decent company.

Their policy is very good with no hassle if you make a claim and quick to settle + they give that price promise to match other company's like for like.

(Think I should apply for a job with them)

  carver 10:12 11 Jun 2014

spider9 now that is unusual for Saga, I have found them to fall over backwards to help with price, but I suppose different people different experience.

  BT 11:56 11 Jun 2014

As I said I've used SAGA for a while now. Car Insurance last year was £185 fully comp for my 09 Nissan Note. What I like about their car policy is that it covers you for any driver to drive your car in an emergency whether they have their own insurance or not. Useful as we all get a bit more ancient.

They also continued cover for kitty now he's getting a bit old without loading the premium. This was less than half what a new policy would have cost.


Maybe at going on 58 I should now take that hurdle in my next stride;-)

My policy, now that I qualify for these things is to make the most of them and take all that I can get, because unless you do, for certain, nobody is going to going to give them unless you ask.

  Aitchbee 12:01 11 Jun 2014

QB ... you'd better make sure that you are suitably 'covered' before you attempt that hurdle ;o]

  cruiser2 17:44 11 Jun 2014

My insurance is through John Lewis. We have been with them for several years. I like it as the sums insured both for buildings and contents are large--£1m. So don't need to worry about being under-insured. Have had quotes from other companies but none can match the premium and cover. Have made one claim when the main drain was blocked. This is covered in the premium for emergencies. Reported just after 2.0 p.m on a Friday afternoon. Blockage cleared and drain back to normal before six p.m. Another minor incident was when we thought we had storm damage on the roof. Surveyor came out two days after reporting it. After inspecting the roof using a camera he said some of the tiles had cracked due to their age. So we have had some replaced at our expense.

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