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  VNAM75 15:15 11 Oct 2007

Which is better between

Exercise bike
Tread mill
cross trainer

I want to spend around £150. Ebuyer are selling them. I've only ever used a tread mill at the gymn before. I'm after something that is simple and effective for burning calories.

  The Brigadier 15:20 11 Oct 2007

Cross Trainer as it gives you an all round aerobic workout.

  crosstrainer 15:23 11 Oct 2007

Suggest's A Crosstrainer! Seriously though, a crosstraining machine will give you 0 impact, all over work out with lots of variety.

This is the company I use... Very good prices, and excellent service click here

Go for the best you can afford, a heart monitor is a good idea (belt type) so that you can monitor your pulse rate during training.

  Bingalau 15:57 11 Oct 2007

I would just take up long distance walking or cycling if I were you. Costs not a lot, and is far healthier. Also of course as Beta has suggested above, you will get pee'd off with it.

  wiz-king 16:55 11 Oct 2007

Go to the local 'dump' lots to choose from - never raced or rallied!

  laurie53 17:04 11 Oct 2007

I used to do post cardiac workouts at a local sports institute. The cross trainer was always the one that that finished me (not literally, you understand!).

Whether I used it first or after other machines I could not use anything else afterwards.

  sunny staines 17:05 11 Oct 2007

situps, press ups and a jog or cycle ride may be cheaper and less boring

  Si_L 17:14 11 Oct 2007

Cross trainer.

My reasoning behind that is that a treadmill = going outside for a run, and an exercise bike = going outside for a cycle!

  VNAM75 19:05 11 Oct 2007

Thanks for the replies. I want one of these to get me through the autumn and winter (and spring!). Have you tried riding a bike lately. (The wind that blows on to your head and face, gives me a headache).

I'm not too bothered about an overall workout to tone the whole body etc, I want something for fairly intensive exercise to burn off the calories and reduce weight.

exercise bike
click here

cross trainer
click here

  donki 23:51 11 Oct 2007

IMO, the treadmill gives u a better workout. Although the best workout is a jog or run accompanied by a good diet, u can work out all you want but if u dont eat properly you wont notice much difference.

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