Home building plans 'in trouble'

  perpetual motion 10:45 28 Mar 2009

This wouldnt have anything to do with the goverment spending all the money on saving banks would it & having NOTHING left for anything else.? & i'm been serious i'm not sure if that is the reason.? whats your views.?

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  spuds 11:49 28 Mar 2009

Once again, we have a politician (and perhaps other well meaning people) who are not in touch with reality.

In my small neck of the woods, and I possibly suspect elsewhere, there are many projects that have been 'placed on the shelf' through lack of finance or government (local and national)final support or endeavour.Yet at the same, projects that are not wanted by the public are perhaps being given high encouragement from government sectors, and at the same time, projects that are essential for the community are being totally neglected, usually with the 'no funding available' all to often response.

Our local town centre is becoming a ghost area, with closures, forced or otherwise. Yet at the same time the council seem to provide 'encouraging' news as to what should or could be, if all people 'pulled together'.

At present there are advanced talks about an 'eco-town' being planned and earmarked not far from my location. There as been a vast amount of confusing facts being issued by all parties, especially those in favour of this new venture. Many people are against this venture due to the ever increasing forced issues being issued by government and the commercial markets. As it is an eco-venture, there are many 'experts' involved, and at this present time. Not one of these bodies, have provided a convincing debate.

On the subject of empty houses and properties, a number of years ago when Prescott was deputy prime minister, a country-wide 'Stay-Put' scheme was introduced. The intentions of the scheme, was to provide grants and assistance to people, who wanted to upgrade their properties to an habitable condition, hence the term 'Stay-Put'. The scheme came reliant on local government and council's on how each area administered the scheme. As usual, it all became a shambolic affair, and many people eventually had to get in further debt or leave their property, with some returning to the rented market options.

I spent many a long night and day, in trying to help others with this good intention scheme, but in the end it all came down to available finance and the actual willingness of local and national government. Perhaps more talk talk than actually doing the intended saviour!.

Phew that took some saying ;o))

  perpetual motion 16:12 28 Mar 2009


You stated "Our local town centre is becoming a ghost area" VERY much the same here in Yorkshire my town has a street that was the main one & now out of maybe 70 shops 30 are closed/bankrupt.?
its been headline news in out local paper last week & in the members area of the local news paper where locals can comment to that story EVERY local was blaming the local council & asked for help but none of the shops got any.

  spuds 18:14 28 Mar 2009

I think most towns and villages are going through the same problem.

In our particular area, the council have increase the property tax, and made it more difficult for parking/loading in the name of improvement or public needs for the 21st century.

At the same time, some investment companies have increased their property rents to 'market values'. We had a very fine shopping area, which was earmarked for better shopping facilities and possible casino/hotel etc. Demolition took place after two/three years neglect and increasing empty properties. The area is now used as a temporary car park, because the developers have no funds available for this once 'essential' big project.

What I cannot understand in logical way, the council and other people acting under the terms and remit of regeneration, approved a rather fine extension to an already adequate Shopping Mall. This extension allowed a nationwide company move to the town, under certain incentives. At the same time, shops in the original Mall and surrounding area where closing down, with job losses, and are still doing so. Yet there was no funds or incentives available there, for those who livelihoods were in the greatest need.

Bit like the banks and the raising of the Titanic. A disaster in the making, but no one realised it!!.

  perpetual motion 19:08 28 Mar 2009

spuds wow do we live in the same town..?lol
there is also a BIG thing against our local council at mo cause the FREE carparking in the small village's & town centre where i live which has been free since records began is now going to be charged cause i council say they need the money

BUT what it is in fact going to do in the small villages is drive people away cause they wont pay £2.00 to goto the local butchers to buy £5 worth of meat so to say, its just stupid the businesses are struggling enough & the council knows this!

i'm part involved in a huge campaign here to try to STOP the council from going ahead we have More than "6 Thousand signatures" & u know i dont think the council will listen IMHO pretty much the same as other issues people here have had the council decide something & dont take into account the repercussions.

  oresome 20:31 28 Mar 2009

We are in a recession and the result is that the Government is receiving less in taxes from workers and businesses and paying out more in benefits.

We haven't anything in reserve for a rainy day, so the choice* is to cut down on expenditure where we can to match the tax revenue or borrow more to continue spending as we were.

At the moment, we're borrowing more, but the Bank of England seems to be getting anxious at the levels of debt that Gordon might be thinking of burdening us with.

*Actually, there's a third choice, which is to print more money to ease the debt burden, but this results in inflation which devalues the pound in your pocket. The Government is already going down this path too.

Whatever route is taken, we will all be paying for it one way or another for a long time to come as many of us, the Government included have been living beyond our means.

  carver 10:23 29 Mar 2009

It would be an idea to use some of the properties that are just left empty click here

A short time ago there was a programme on TV about the amount of homes that have just been left empty because they are directly owned by either the police,armed forces,fire service or some other government department.

Whole streets of houses have been boarded up, most of them habitable with just minor refurbs.

One builder was interviewed who put a figure of between £5000.00- £10.000.00 to get them back into being decent houses.

Far cheaper than knocking them down and rebuilding.

  Chegs ®™ 14:04 29 Mar 2009

I noticed a few new houses that've recently been finished now carry a "for sale or rent" sign outside.I wasnt really listening but heard a report on the radio that said something along the lines of "due to the huge numbers of 2nd homes in the area,locals have not been able to afford to buy their own home.This availability of cheap housing has just improved as J Bloggs builders have completed (I think) 30 homes"

Our council have pegged parking charges at all the towns parks to "help" the businesses through the credit crunch,but done naff all about the ludicrous rates these businesses have to pay.The council have also announced that there will be an increase in the community charge as they're skint because all their cash was sitting in foreign banks and they'd lost millions.

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