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  Belatucadrus 11:41 19 Nov 2004

I note from the recent poll that the majority of forum members (31.8%) intend to build there next PC from scratch. I was wondering how much of this is actual planning and how much good intentions. I have known for some time that I could do it, having changed virtually every component available on my current PCs. But somehow never did get round to making a new one. Provoked or perhaps inspired by the poll, I bit the bullet and have successfully completed my first home build. Barring the fact that the existing CPU fan sounds like a vacuum cleaner and will soon be swapped out. I'm inordinately pleased with myself. The moral of this story ? don't just think about it, do it. Really a most satisfactory experience.

  spikeychris 12:53 19 Nov 2004

You're right Bella, built my first one a number of years ago and apart from a few networking issues its the best experience I have had messing with these things.

  ton 04:28 20 Nov 2004

Built the one I'm on now three years ago. Never regretted it. Very satisfying.

  Forum Editor 07:35 20 Nov 2004

so I could get some information for my piece in the magazine.

Home-building does seem as though it's increasing in popularity - at least amongst members of this forum.

  €dstowe 07:43 20 Nov 2004

There must be a huge amount of home building going on - just look at the number and variety of cases/motherboards/drives, other computer basic essentials and the number of companies selling them.


  Belatucadrus 11:10 20 Nov 2004

Just wondering if the home build idea appeals to a particular demographic. Is it gaming extremists out to squeeze the last ounce of performance from a system, tight wads too mean to pay for a new system ( I think that's me ) or maybe hands on PC nuts who think it could be a fun thing to do ( Me again )? Still whatever group I fit in I'm glad I'm not a member of the group that needs PCWorld to fit a graphics card.

  €dstowe 11:39 20 Nov 2004

For me, the appeal of a bespoke computer is that I get exactly what I want in the machine, not a load of unwanted and possibly bottom of the market hardware and software cluttering up the case and the hard drives.

OK, I don't build my machines personally, my father does that but he does it to my specification with EXACTLY the hardware and software I want in them. That, especially the hardware, is top of the range branded stuff which, from years of experience in use, I know to be reliable and the thing that I want.

Home built computers are not cheap and certainly not for "tight wads too mean to pay for a new system".

My computers are important to me, being primarily for business use and I cannot afford failures due to anything inadequate or substandard.


  josie mayhem 14:53 20 Nov 2004

There's a old saying you get what you pay for! But with building your own, you can get a lot more for your money.

There are many advantages of building your own systems; Not only do you know what is exactly under the bonnet, but it is going to do what you want it to do. And if the build is researched properly then, a high degree of allowances ccan be made/allowed for future technology.

Apart from that, there's the sheer enjoyment involved in doing it your self, and being female, well need I say more!!! One hell of lot of street cred involved.

  g0nvs 15:20 20 Nov 2004

And when you first switch on and boot up the PC it works first time is the icing on the cake, well done.

  LastChip 18:06 20 Nov 2004

a friend of mine asked about building a computer for his grandson.

He went into PC World and asked about the up-grade options on an approximately £500 machine. He realises that as his grandson gets older, he will want to play the latest games in addition to using it for his homework and so on. There was a deathly hush. Upgrade Sir? Um, don't know! Anyway, all credit to the local PCW staff, they removed the side of the machine, and it became obvious how it could be offered at the price. No AGP slot. Minimal expansion slots and everything on-board the motherboard.

As a result at his request, I have sent him a suggested list of components which he is now in the process of ordering.

What is he getting? A 3GB AMD based machine with 512MB memory, a 120GB SATA hard drive, a 128MB graphics card, a dual layered DVD burner, a 17" TFT monitor plus keyboard and mouse with XP Home SP2 for less than £500 ex. VAT.

Now you could argue there are even better prices than this, but he is producing a custom built machine, exactly as he wants it.

If I were his grandson on Christmas Day, I'd be delighted!

  Sapins 19:45 20 Nov 2004

"And when you first switch on and boot up the PC it works first time is the icing on the cake, well done."

Do you mean to tell me it might *not* work first time!

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